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normal, urgent, granted
normal, urgent, granted
normal, urgent, granted
normal, urgent, granted
Rules.  1. subscribing to the thread is mandatory, although upvotes are highly appreciated. one account per head (we doubt you have two!) 2. This is a closed, semi-literate roleplay. this means that you must refrain from speaking with outsiders and excessive use of memes and/or emojis. 3. the timeline is unrated, but do know your limits. keep the nasty stuff in dms and be mindful of your words, password is the first song you listened to in 2018. no triggering topics whatsoever. please do not spam the tl with retweets and keep ooc tweets in brackets as well. 4.  love wins1 couples must have been here for at least one week and have 400 tweets from both parties. 5. be active! 2 days of inactivity leads to kickout. hiatuses will last for 2 weeks and semi-hiatuses last for 1 week. 6. character changes are allowed every 3 days while temporary cc's last 24 hours and are unlimited, but do not abuse this rule. 7. dm base with if leaving, going on hiatus/sh, t/ccing, or if there are any issues at all. 8. respect each other! we are a family here.
How to join.  1. read the rules and check the masterlist or wishlist, then comment your desired faceclaim with your timezone and the password. 2. wait to be accepted then make your account within 24 hours. 3. username format is rfs(name) or (name)rfs in lapslock, no numers or underscores. 4. follow base, admins, and the members and mention for a verification. you make interact if not verified after 15 minutes. 5. reach 75 tweets in 24 hours or else it will lead to automatic kickout. 6. don't forget to have 'refresh' somewhere in your bio. 7. have fun! we hope you enjoy your stay here at refresh.
Masterlist & Couples
Group. taken reserved00 admin
aoa. seolhyun
apink. naeun07
astro. eunwoo07
Blackpink. jennie07
exo. baekhyun07 chanyeol07 sehun
Bts. hoseok07 jeongguk07 jimin taehyung07
fromis_9. jiwon07
gugudan. mina07
loona. choerry07 chuu heejin07 jinsoul kimlip07 yves
mixnine. hangyeom07
monsta x. hyungwon07 minhyuk07
others. chungha07mxm. donghyun07
red velvet. yeri07
twice. mina07 sana
wanna one. daniel07 jihoon jinyoung07  minhyun07 seongwoo07
weki meki. doyeon yoojung07
Name x Name. DDMMYY
we are a semi-literate, non-au, twitter based roleplay. we hope you will enjoy your stay and create some meaningful memories with us!
January 6th, 2018.
the opening will be delayed by 5 minutes and will open at 12:05 pm kst. we apologize for the inconvenience.

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reserving rv's sooyoung, please.
plus eight. it's alright by majik
dulcetgif #2
blackpink's jisoo, please.
plus one. mxmtoon's please don't.
bleedblue #3
twice's nayeon, please.
plus eight. sabrina claudio's frozen.
cloudream #4
loona's hyunjin please
plus seven, dino's the real thing
buxxerfly #5
svts wonwoo.
-8; day6 - free.
playboy #6
blackpink's rose
+11, martini blue - dpr live
numerical #7
svt's mingyu, please.
+8. how am i supposed to remember, new year is almost a week ago.
wcnnajeojunk #8
rv's joy
heart attack chu
svt's joshua hong
+8, baby don't like it - nct 127
daddygordon #10
nct's taeyong
-6, red velvet's peekaboo