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An accomplished ballerina and university student works as an intern at the same dance studio as an equally-accomplished choreographer / dance teacher works. The choreographer finds herself falling for Mina, making routines specifically designed for the girl, while taking care of her students.


I thrive on comments and sugary food. I also only have a vague outline of how things will go in this story, so readers' suggestions will be taken into account if there are any. 

Double update today because I actually had some time today (what)
And there is a little bit of plot in the chapter, but I'm gonna put the plot in the next chapter so you don't have to read if you don't want to.

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Chapter 17: OMG! The last part made me feel soft. Mina thought Momo was sleeping so she kept on talking, possibly indicating that she wanted to get married. OMG!!!! I love them both. They deserve a happy ending, really. They're really perfect together. I'm starting to dread the weeks they'll be apart.

Thank you for this aouthornim!!!
yhet30 #2
Chapter 17: Pls update.. I really miss this couple.. Their sweetness, their lovey dovey ,
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Chapter 17: omg?? dominant mina is too hot?? heLP JSHDHSJDJKL
yhet30 1 points #4
Chapter 17: I realkybdon know what to say..hmm you put a butterfly on my stomach ,you manke me happy, flatterd i dont know what to called is this i am feeling right gosh you are so clever word by words..this is really so light story yet the impact is so sureal...untilm niw i am smilling like an idiot...clap clap to you..looking forward to you story..bow to you goshhh???????
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Chapter 17: you feed us so well authornim hahahah
I don't know what to say about this chapter maybe just aaAAaaaaAaA lol
They were so intense and hot together and then that final was so soft!!! Totally perfect, you nailed it
Moonsun_daphyyy11 1 points #6
Chapter 17: Omgggg could you triple itttt????! Hahaha just kidding. Can’t wait for the next update omg I’m so shocked about the double update >_< thank you sooooo much
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Chapter 16: Oh, I know where this goes...
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Chapter 17: I love you author-nim ♥♥

Please get married already
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Chapter 16: Distance relationships can be so hard, hope MiMo have the strength to go through it!!! That last scene you got me wishing for more...
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Chapter 16: So cute <3 Glad that Mina got the lead role :) Yeri the turtle hahaha xD MiMo all the way ♡_♡ Thank you for the update Author-nim :D Fighting!