Vampire's Vendetta | Kris Wu


What if your CEO is going to your blood out of you, and has been having you under control in his palms?




A romance story that revolves around a vampire and his executive secretary. The perfect vampire who never needs other people other than his close, close friends. The human, a typical 'tsundere', is loyal to the very end.

Kris Wu is a pureblood vampire from the Wu family that survived the tragedy thousands of years ago. The Wu family is a family of aristocrats and businessmen and women in China and South Korea, owning a giant company named WV Enterprise. None of his family members were/are human. His ancestors had vowed on the Wu family name to give the humans a taste of their own medicine for what they did in the past. The grudge against humans was inherited to Kris as well. His father, is certain that Kris would be the one to fulfill their family’s passed down desire for vengeance.

Yi Jung, the human that works for Kris, is adamant about keeping things professional. She had lived alone ever since she started to career. Her job was being an illustrator, a professional one, despite graduating from business in university. She makes covers for books and novels, movies, etc. Yi Jung was recruited to be Kris’ secretary thanks to Tao who told him about her.




Chasing your dreams is a positive thing. Nobody shouldn't not do that, but you should also know your limits. 

Han Yi Jung is a typical professional illustrator who designs and draws things here and there for her clients. She could be working in a company, because she's a graduate of business in college. But her sole will to pursue her dreams in arts got her where she was. She worked and pushed herself to the last to get where she is.

Kris Wu was destined to take over his family's giant company eversince he wasn't even born yet. He didn't break a sweat to get where he was, but he was trained and beaten to the bones to be perfect for the position of CEO.

If Tao never introduced Yi Jung to Kris, will they ever meet? Will Kris ever hire Yi Jung as his executive secretary? Will Kris ever mark Yi Jung an omen as his prey? Will Kris eventually consider Yi Jung to be someone precious? Wil Kris ever decide to protect Yi Jung?


Will they have to part in the end? 

The red string of fate will do its usual romantic trick in uniting these two creatures of different species who came from different worlds. There will be joy here, there will me some blushing there, there will be love here and there. Their relationship will develop from where they started as an employer and employee. But, Kris' family's main objective will make Kris consider Yi Jung not mainly as his executive secretary, but as his. . .






Kris Wu

"I want to see how long my executive secretary will keep up that attitude."


Han Yi Jung

      "I think I of all people here, deserve an explanation."


Lu Han

      "Psychology is a study of humans' mind, it makes it a lethal weapon."


Huang Zi Tao

      "A real fighter knows how to respect his enemy, no matter how ed up he is."


Kim Jong Dae

      "If we want to be scientific, I will do the talking and you will SHUSH."


Kim Min Seok

       "Call me a masochist, but I chose to be a doctor to get to know the causes of human pain better."


Zhang Yi Xing

         "I'm not being ist here, but you should really know how to treat women right."


hello. this is enchantrash.

this is my first fan-fiction here, starring Kris Wu. i hope i can pique your interest. please subscribe and up-vote too.

this fan-fiction will feature some of the characters (mostly Kris, Lu Han and Tao) speaking in a language other than English, which is 中文 (chinese). i am Chinese, but my mandarin is not the best.

this story is best seen in night mode.

thank you dear friend for the cover.



[NOTE: red dialogues are in Mandarin, and blue dialogues in English]

[WARNING: the story will feature a lot of business terms. i am not an expert in economy nor business so please excuse me if i did mistakes]


chapter 6 just updated. :)

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205 streak #1
Chapter 6: But she already has a job, she's good at it and has success. Can't wait to find out more about the prey thing.
Glad he has the boys to make him smile.
hwaseo #2
Chapter 6: Cant wait for kris and yi jung moment *sequeeel!
Chapter 6: Update soon
205 streak #4
Chapter 5: I'm a bit confused with the fangs thing. They got an injection to be vampires?
All that talking about food made me hungry. Until they began speaking about a different type of food, haha.
So Kris sensed something about the girl, that's great news.
85 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 5: I think you describe one point too much, i don't know maybe you want to describe who they are what they are up to but it will be good if you don't explain it int heir cinversation just describe it alone. Idon't know how to explain it heol but this is interesting and i hope next chapter kris will meet yijung again.
DreamerGirly 1 points #6
Chapter 5: This storyy is really wonderful... Love the way you let it flow... The descriptions are so graphic... I think I'll get addicted to this
hwaseo #7
Chapter 5: That sound so cool
A toast to us.... Vampires~~~
So, kris did smell yi jung blood but keep his face expressionless
85 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 4: Depression is serious and it will be dangerous if no one knows. I think this story will be long because you really write the little detail and make all cast get exposure it will take time for yijung knows who kris is and their live will complicated but fun because maybe their personality is different.
hwaseo #9
Chapter 4: I started to like this :)
Cant wait for kris and yi jung moment