SNSD Drabbles To Cure Our Hearts


Honestly, I have another story that has been postponed for too long but these small snippets I've went through social media just made me want to write weird incidents regarding them. Obviously, it would be OT9. Depends on the settings, really.



Taeyeon  : Wait, which era are we using?

Sunny     : Won't it be random? I mean, they did mention that it depends on the material they stumble.

Hyoyeon  : Mr.Mr cause I look extra snazzy with blonde.

Yuri         : Nuh-uh, I look weird as a blonde.

Taeyeon   : Isn't that during Mr. Taxi?

Yoona      : Taeng Unni!! Party!! Party!!

Taeyeon   : Yoona, I was a human paper.

Yoona      : That's why it's the best. You don't have muscles around that time so it's easy to push you around.

Taeyeon   : IM YOONA!!

Sooyoung : But still shorter than us.

Taeyeon    : There's Sunny.

Seohyun   : I look weird during Party, unnie. Blonde does not suit me.

Tiffany      : Let's go with I Got A Boy, I look hella cute!!

Sunny       : And I have millions of hair colour so no.

Tiffany      : Spoil sprout.

Jessica      : Girls, The Boys. That's it.

Sooyoung  : Where you can't reach your own high notes?

Jessica      : At least I have more lines than you do, beansprout.


Jessica      : Taengoo!! She's threatening me!!

Taeyeon    : Sica babe, you can stand for yourself.

Tiffany      : Who are you and what have you done to my Tae Tae?!

Jessica      : My. Taengoo.

Yuri          : What is so special about that idiot midget?

Sunny       : She has more fangirls than you?

Tiffany      : Yul baby, no offense but Taeny's just the it.

Yuri          : Taeng, choose. Fany or Sica?

Jessica     : Obviously me!! I'm her wife since 2008!!

Tiffany     : She announced that I'm her wife during Sister's Slam Dunk, Jessi... Don't be sad, you can make Yulsic happen.

Jessica     : She's not fun sized and I can't make fun of her height.

Taeyeon   : Hey!!!

Hyoyeon  : Baeyeon, I'm always here for you. Remember HyoTae?

Taeyeon   : Hyo... I do but not now, kay?

Yoona      : And I thought Taeyeon unnie was whipped.

Seohyun  : Yoona unnie, you're much more whipped. Soojung.

Yoona      : Not now, Ju Hyun.

Sooyoung: We're getting off topic... 

Hyoyeon : Let's go with The Boys. Baeyeon's blonde hair is to die for.

Taeyeon : This is why HyoTae's trending...

J & T      : TAEYEON!!

Taeyeon : Seolhyun's calling.. bye girls.

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73 streak #1
Chapter 7: I always felt better everytime i read this..such a mood lifter! You made my day a bit brighter, thanks ❤️
Chapter 7: the shut up at the last is the best
kitkatoreo #3
I love this story! Omg i'm smiling too much today
Chapter 4: this era indeed my favorite, not only about snsd but others! i missed it
Chapter 2: haha why is so funny~
73 streak #6
Chapter 6: Hahaha everyone trying to make their ship sails xD sooyoung n sunny are so extra in this chap..
LightMidnight19320 #7
Chapter 3: I agree with Jessica! Taeyeon has awesome hair colours in every era!
73 streak #8
Chapter 5: Expensive taengsic! ♥️ i love president hyo..i love you story, think i'd spend the rest of my day smiling like crazy..i really meant it..
73 streak #9
Chapter 4: I swear this was hilarious my belly is aching from laughing too much..youre a fun author xD
mzlyod 22 streak #10
Chapter 5: Lol taeng