Chapter 9

Stigma of Sigma

“What are you talking about?”

Jungkook nearly jumped in startled when he heard his sister’s cold tone cut through the silence. He looked over to her direction and saw that she was on the phone; however, the displeased yet serious expression halted him from approaching her. He doesn’t feel brave enough to ask her even though he was curious about the content of her conversation. Moreover, Jungyoon had the same cold unapproachable aura that he felt when he saw her on TV at her court proceeding days ago.

He watched in confusion when Jungyoon gave a slight bow towards his direction, looking apologetic for startling him, and resumed with her conversation in a language he doesn’t understand. He wasn’t certain, but it sounded like German or Dutch. He wasn't well-versed in those languages to decipher between the two. Besides, she spoke in a lower tone, so he couldn’t hear what she was saying – and even if he did, he doesn’t understand her.

He heaved a sigh and refocused his attention on his archery practice. He wanted to do well at the actual match to win a gold medal. Even though he was supposed to compete with Jin and Yoongi, Jimin wanted to compete again to make up for that lackluster performance last year.

“You don’t want a repeat of 6-8-5, do you?” Yoongi reminded with a smirk.

“Stop reminding me of that.” Jimin whined with a hand covering his face in embarrassment. “I’ll do better this time, I promise.”

“Where did Jungyoon go? I could've sworn I saw her standing there earlier.” Jin questioned while looking around the premise.

“She had to take a call.” Jungkook replied as he stared at the spot his sister stood previously. “It sounded serious, so I think it’s related to her job.”

He heard Jin hummed in understanding, while he glanced around for his twin once more. He was curious about the topic and contents of her phone call; however, since he couldn’t locate her, he refocused his attention and concentration to practice.

He supposed he could ask her when she returned. That is, if she wanted to share the conversation with him. 

“You know, I still don’t understand why your sister continue to be an armed detective if she knew what Savant Syndrome is doing to her.” Jin remarked offhandedly.

“I don’t think it’s something she can stop because of that effects. Jungyoon mentioned something about a law that enforced her to complete a mission, no matter what.” Jungkook answered with a frown. “I wish I knew the full details, but I only know as much as you do, Jin-hyung.”

“Still, I find it unsettling that she’s risking her life.”

“So am I, hyung. So am I.”



As much as he liked watching the end-of-the-year music show festivals to see collaborations and remixes, it was tiring with various rehearsals and traveling. Jungkook heaved a tired sigh as he straightened from final pose, and looked at the audience section, trying to locate his sister who was sitting other idols and their managers. He let out a frown when he noticed that she wasn’t sitting where he had seen her last.

The first thought that came into mind was, ‘Where could she have gone?’, followed by ‘Did she leave without saying a word?’

“Where could she have gone?” He muttered out loud, trying to look around the rehearsal venue.

He nearly jumped in startled when he heard Jin’s voice on his left, “Who are you looking for?”

Jungkook gave a sheepish grin in response, and opened his mouth to reply when he heard a loud thud outside. It sounded like a body hitting against a wall. He shared a confused look with Jin, and other members, silently questioning the cause of the sound, as they headed towards their managers and other idols sitting in the audience seats. They didn’t know what was happening, but they knew it was better to get together than apart.

Sounds of gunshots and screams that resonated throughout the venue sent chills down his spine. He felt as if he was in a horror movie, but he didn’t have time to ponder ‘What’s going on?’ or ‘Why is this happening?’ when a security guard flew through the doors and crashed into an audience seat.

“We need backup! Call for backup!!” One of the security guards yelled out from outside, just seconds before another round of gunfire rang out.

He and his group members crouched down on the ground, trying not to utter a sound as they hid between the seats. From between the seats, Jungkook saw a group of masked men, each holding a machine gun in hands. He shared worried glances with group members and fellow idols, not knowing what was going to happen to them or why this group of men came after them.

In fact, he wanted to know why the security guards allowed these men inside when it was clear that they had ill-intentions. He supposed he should cast these questions aside when he and the others weren’t at gunpoint. These security guards don’t look like they had any training in hostage situations if the frightened expressions were any indication.

“Where is she?” One of the masked men demanded with a gun’s barrel aimed at their general direction. 

It looked like these masked men haven't found out their hiding spots yet. 


“Don’t play dumb with me! Where is Yuna Jeon?” Another masked man retorted angrily, shifting his gun barrel towards the security guard. “We know she’s here. If you’re shielding her, then we just have to make her reveal herself by eliminating you.”

“We don’t know anyone by that name.” One of the security guards replied in a cautious tone.

He subtly shared a look with Namjoon crouching next to him. He doesn’t know why they were looking for his twin, but it was bad news if these people did prior research to find her location. He wanted to glance around the room in attempt to find Jungyoon, but he couldn’t look without being obvious.

“Don’t lie to me!” The first masked man retaliated.

He froze in fear when he heard a gun , indicating that its user unlocked the safety feature, and huddled closer to his group members. This was the second time he and his group were under attack, and suffice to say, it was more frightening than the first time.

“Looking for me, boys?”

Jungkook immediately turned to the direction of his sister’s voice while his heart continued to thump wildly. He doesn’t know if he should feel relieved to see her or if he should feel nervous by her sudden appearance. Still, it was undeniable that he immediately felt a shift in the atmosphere by Jungyoon’s appearance.

“Get her!!”

He heard various yells and noises of gun from the masked men before someone pulled him to the ground. He turned to his right to see Hoseok, who gave a grim smile, and peered in between the audience seats to see where his sister was. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw Jungyoon was on the third floor standing on the railing while her hands held something.

"Don't tell me she's going to jump." He whispered to his group members. 

“Get down, everyone!”

That was the only warning he heard from Jungyoon before several shots rang through the room. He ducked down at the warning, covering his head with his hands, even though he wanted to see how his twin would deal with this incident. He was curious to see how she does, considering he hadn’t seen her in battle before, but he wasn’t foolish to risk his life for it.

Still, Jungkook had to look up when he heard three short bursts of gunshots. It didn't sound like it came from a machine gun. 

His eyes widened in surprise upon seeing Jungyoon holding onto a grappling hook with one hand and a silver pistol in another. He watched in silent awe when she twisted and turned in midair, seamlessly dodging bullets as the tail of her coat fluttered behind her like a cape. His heart nearly jumped out of his mouth when she released her grip and kicked the opposing leader with enough force to send the man flying against the wall.

“Oh my god, there’s cracks on the wall.”

His gaze shifted over to the fallen man when he heard Jimin’s observation, and sure enough… there were etches on the wall. He supposed it would happen given the momentum and gravity – not that he wanted to understand the physics of it given the current circumstance.

When he moved his gaze back to Jungyoon, she was in a crouching position on the other side of the room with four men sprawled unconscious around her. He hadn’t even see her land or move – if he didn’t know anything better, he would’ve said she teleported. He had a feeling that was the work of the infamous Savant Syndrome.

“Gentlemen, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Jungyoon’s cold voice rang out.

Jungkook nervously gulped as he looked at his sister, who was pinning the leader of masked men against the cracked wall. This was the second time he saw that kind of expression on his baby sister’s face, and it still made him feel uneasy. He doubted he would acclimate to seeing that on her face any time soon.

What surprised him was that Jungyoon didn’t flinch when the man spewed out series of curses that would put a veteran sailor to shame. He couldn’t see what kind of expression his sister portrayed or what she said, but the man paled considerably and started sputtering apologies instead. He speculated that whatever she uttered might have scared the man.

“What the heck? What’s with the sudden change?”

Like one of the managers, he, too, would like to know the change in the man’s behavior. However, he didn’t think it was important especially when he saw a malicious smirk that sent chills down his spines.

“I’ll take you down with me, no matter what! I’ll kill you for what you did to our leader!”

Jungkook didn’t understand what that man meant, but it seemed his sister did when she looked at his direction. The first thing he noticed was her lighter shade eyes – which he speculated was due to Savant Syndrome – and a melancholic smile that disappeared as quickly as he saw. It took him a few seconds to comprehend that he wasn’t imagining that, but he couldn’t understand why she looked at him like that.  

“Everyone, take cover, NOW!” Jungyoon yelled out urgently.

He heard various remarks of confusion before one of the security guards uttered an apology and shoved him to the ground. He doesn’t know who pushed him, but his blood ran cold when an explosion boomed through the venue. Bolted chairs and ceiling fixtures rattled uncontrollably, and walls crumpled down for the next couple of minutes in its aftershock.

However, his mind wasn’t in the wreckage.

He stood up unsteadily when the shaking settled and saw destroyed chairs and blown up walls. He outwardly cringed when he saw mutilated body parts, whom he concluded were from the masked men based on tattered clothes on it. He felt nauseous looking at them, and it didn’t help that the smell of copper stench the air.

The sound of his heartbeat echoed loudly in his ears as he searched around the premise. He didn’t pay attention to his group members or other idols, who verbally volunteered to help him look for his sister. As harsh as it may sound, he doesn’t care what happened to those masked men – all he wanted to know was if his Jungyoon-ie survived the explosion.

She was standing right there when it happened. 

Each second that passed felt like hours as Jungkook dug through debris of fallen chairs and crumbled walls. He didn’t want to place high expectations on her, but his baby sister happened to be an armed detective. She also had Savant Syndrome that enhanced her reflexes and skills. He wanted to believe she survived the attack despite her being in very close proximity of it. 

“We found her, Jungkook!”

He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Namjoon’s voice, and immediately ran over to the older male. His heart stopped when he saw Jungyoon lying among wrecked chairs in a pool of blood. Her uniform was completely tattered, and visible cuts on her forehead trickled down blood down her face, indicating that she was hit against something.

One thing that alarmed him was that she wasn't moving at all. 


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AminahKarima #1
Chapter 12: Oh my god, oh my god! This is awesome! I rarely enjoy a scifi fanfic since they usually lack of detail. But this is greaaaaat. Oh and i love that yiu choose the sibling relationship as a focus instead of romatic one. Good job author!
bangndan_1306 #2
Chapter 12: This story is inspired me.. Its a good story.. I love IT
hallyu2010 #3
Chapter 12: I had a feeling it was gonna end soon. Oh well
Thank you for the story author-nim I enjoyed reading it especially since I haven’t read many fics that involves just family drama without romance :) :)
Baekhyun1234567890 #4
Chapter 11: No offense at all to the characters in Stigma of Sigma, but to me, it was not the most shocking occurrence in the book for Jungyoon to be dying soon. In all honesty, I expected it to actually happen sooner than the age of 27. Maybe it's just me and how "dark" (lmao) my brain is. Hopefully, I'm just wrong and the prototype works against Savant Syndrome because wouldn't want for the protagonist (?) to die so soon, am I right? So far, I've enjoyed many aspects of Stigma of Sigma, and I'm really hoping that there will be more plot twists (just gotta love unexpected situations). Keep up the good work and sorry for the rant like comment :)!
hallyu2010 #5
Chapter 9: Whaaaaaaaat?!!

Nooooooo jungyeon!!! Call back up call the other six....
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