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over the years, sm entertainment has perfected the art of dealing with controversies that cause detrimental effects on the company, the groups under it and more specifically the members of these groups. of course, with their armada of legal counsels and vast monetary resources, its quite easy for the company to manipulate the situation into giving them favorable outcomes. however, the change in management would also change the company’s attitude towards these controversies. the new captain manning the ship has decided to take a passive-aggressive stance, choosing to deflect rather than confront.
this is where nct s comes in, a group of six boys with otherworldly looks, debuted for the sole purpose of covering up sm entertainment’s dirty laundry. looks aren’t everything but it sure does lots of wonders when one is in the entertainment industry, so while these eye candies’ talents may or may not be debatable they definitely have game. it does not, however, change the fact that they are essentially pretty ornaments put on display to distract people. these boys are definitely gorgeous enough to distract the general public but will they be able to change their status from simple diversion into legendary icon?
title: to the world seoul?
author: ongtimushwang
nct applyfic
deadline: tba

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Chapter 1: is the plotine part scroll,,, bcs i cant scroll it;;;