You're Not Him


Nothing hurts more than seeing the person you love change into the person they're not. What's worst is that you can't do anything about it. 


"If I told you I love you, will you stop talking to me?" 

"Love? Do you even know me?"

"I fell in love with Oh Sehun. But you're not him."

So, a new fiction thats not totally fiction. Idk if its just me, but its worrying to see Sehun's change. He barely even smiles anymore. As much as I like the new Sehun, I want the old, happy Sehun back. ALSO SEHUN IS NOT A JERK. THAT PART IS TOTALLY FICTIONAL. Hes just being too hard on himself.

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HeRShEly #1
Chapter 1: wow please write a sequel! I'd love to see how sehun improves from there
Chapter 1: I wonder what makes the sehun change so drastically ... What does he feel when seoyeon said she love him .. Does he like her too i really need to know sehun POV why he change so much