Cucumbers good, Pink bad


Jessica wakes up in a world where Tiffany doesn't like pink and it scares the hell out of her. And wait, what's this, cucumbers tastes good? What in the hell kind of world is this? Jeti

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Chapter 1: It so funny. Like a sci-fi movie. Travel to the other universe. I'm like it.
Chapter 1: Lmao sica should call the dream as "upside down world" xD
Chapter 1: OMG this is hilarious.
I cannot imagine if all that happen.
And you authornim deserve a vote from me.
Thank you for writing this xoxo
rayet88 #4
Chapter 1: LOL this is so funny. Poor Jessica, but at least it was just a nightmare.
suhikim #5
Chapter 1: I love your JeTi fic so much! I'm looking forward to more JeTi from you in the future. Thanks for the great story :p
Imjessica #6
Chapter 1: OMG this is so funny
Chapter 1: Well im going to say that this is the weirdest story i've ever read xD
But it still good tho... jeti for life! XD
Chapter 1: I feel bad for jessica XDD this is good!!
Pinkice02 #9
Chapter 1: This is a very unique kind of plot I haven't read for SNSD. It was funny and I really like it.