Dragon Age - Aeon


The Ferelden Circle was in chaos. Seunghoon had no choice but to use this opportunity to help his friend escape the circle after he was wrongly accused of blood magic. But with this escape comes a bounty on both of them. Now they have to escape templars and bounty hunters at every turn. With court intrigue and subterfuge, burning villages, and continued uprisings around them, their most dangerous adversary is something that reaches for them from deep within the fade...


Seunghoon - Mage - a Circle mage who fled during an uprising to help his friend Jinyoung.

Jinyoung - Mage - a Circle mage accused of blood magic who with Seunghoon's help escapes the Circle in Ferelden.

Youngbae - Fereldan - a young noble who is set to be made the head of his father's estates, though some consider unjustified.

Joowon - Fereldan - the bastard son of a noble family, he is a relation to Youngbae and often considered the more capable one.

Baekhyun - Half-Elf - a half blooded elf living with his mother and the other elves, Baekhyun simply wants to live a quiet life until the nobles raid his home.

Chanhee - Antivan - practically dragged to Fereldan for a job, his only interest is to complete his work so he can go home.

Wonwoo - Orlesian - Truly caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, Wonwoo's errand for the empress is far more than he bargained for.


*inspired by this delightful fic here~

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Oh my god Jen this is amazinf