Halloween ever after


Demons, ghouls, witches and vampires... All par for the course on halloween.... Except this lot have overstayed their welcome....and they're eating people.

Thank all the sweet candy for 5 year old superheroes and hot smart college boys - really hot college boys, but I digress. 

Scuse me while I hide behind this hot boy and steal candy from a five year old... Don't judge me... I'm terrified. 


Now, you mighy be asking yourself, how it is I find myself in this position. Locked in a flat, with four college jocks, in the middle of the night, dressed like a veritable vixen, while monsters roam outside.

So let me start with this.

It’s halloween.

a/n: happy halloween!!. I had no intentions of starting another fic, but the muse insisted I release this one from the confines of my brain. So here you go. I hope you guys enjoy it!! hugs.

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darkangel15 #1
good job, Muse, good job.
trueelee #2
Chapter 17: Muse is trying to recover.
Went and goot herself all offended into silence.
I bet that's what happened
MaMa_ZeN #3
Chapter 17: uhn maybe muse is thinking about the other couples you know?! and don't be "mad" with her about time/weeks/chapters.... she's doing her thing!
hey muse you do you boo, we appreciate it! Fighting :D
Yonghyunism #4
Chapter 17: Weeeeee!!!
Sykrh_ #5
Chapter 17: How are you so good at this? You're so so talented. I can barely pass my English exam when it comes to writing stories.
16 streak #6
Chapter 16: You guys can defeat them goooooo
jesyra #7
Chapter 16: My heart hurt for the kids. But with the positivty written in the 1st part of the update, I know they will survive this horrible halloween.