Frozen Free Karma Giveaway

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                                             Welcome To Frozen Free Karma Giveaway

Guidlines To Particpate in this Gateway:

* Subscribe this Giveaway, upvote is optional.

* The particpants should comment on the stories that are listed.

* The comments should atleast have 3 meaningful lines about the chapter.

* Only meaningful comments will be considered, avoid commenting Good, Waiting for next chapter and so on.

* Each Valid Comments will be given 1 Ticket.  (If the comments are not valid it, will be rejected).

* Upvoting on the stories will earn you 1 ticket.

* At the end of the Giveaway, 2 winners will be choosen by a lucky dip and awarded according to the plans they choosen.

* The rest particpats will get particpation prizes based on their plan.

* There are 2 plans in the giveaway,

Plan A:

        Winner 1 = 1000 kps

        Winner 2 = 500 kps

Plan B:

      Winner 1: 200 wallpost for the story they mentioned + 10 BlogPost.

      Winner 2: 100 wallpost for the story they mentioned + 5 BlogPost.


Fill the Below Form and comment in the story listed chapter: :

Story Name :

No Of Comments:

Upvoted: Yes/No:

Plan Choosen: Plan A/Plan B (If you choose Plan B, invlude the link of your story )


If you want your story to be listed, Post me your story name and it's link in my Wall  mentioning the giveaway. (you dont have to pay for this.)


The reason why I started this giveaway is because i have plenty of Karma Points and I want to use it in a way where everyone get benifited, So you can trust me.





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65 streak #1
I subscribed to this story and upvoted already! ^^
So if i want my story to be in the list, i comment on your wall. Does the story have to be complete?