Preserving Beauty

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Looking from afar, Seulgi knows that Irene is someone she can't ever have.


My 2015 SeulRene drabble. Inspired by My Sassy Girl and Diary by Bread. I just wanted to upload this, it's been idling on my drive since 2015.

I think, I should make one shots stories about Seulrene just like what I did to Taeny in Sugar Free. What do you think? Yeah? Okay.

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38 streak #1
Chapter 1: A positive perspective towards unrequited love. Nice and refreshing, despite the hurt.
Chapter 1: I was all smiles until the last part came ;-:
OMG Seulgi bear. Awww.
tammyko1997 #4
Chapter 1: oh gosh I think I need first aid after this
Chapter 1: ouch.

that hurts.

But why is this also my mood at one in the morning? You can look but you can't touch ;-; rip
achie86 #6
manon11 #7
Chapter 1: Omg why is it so me
Chapter 1: I'm like TT right now...poor ddeulgi :'( can you please heal our heart and make a sequel author nim??? Plsss
cjmoo_ 236 streak #9
Chapter 1: Enjoyed reading this! Love how you have the small bits of Seulgi's life at the start which shows the progress of her understanding about appreciating beauty, and how you seamlessly integrated Seulgi as a photographer due to the anecdotes. Wow.
Sigh. So Seulgi didn't get to read the last entry? Poor her. Love how this ends as well. Ties in well with the start of this story.
Teddy_Gigi #10
Chapter 1: Touch my heart ... T.T ??