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I am Yoo,

You are Myoui,

We are.....?




Dedicated for all my fellow JeongMi shippers,

Special shoutout to Hivann noonaunnie for motivating me to write a story again, and

Shaikha-nim for asking me to make something for this month's JeongMi day


Hope y'all enjoy this very short, rushed, and not well-written story.






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Rismar7 1 points #1
Chapter 1: I am melting,really melt thank's minthor :))
22yeon 1 points #2
Imyooi is my last username lol imnayeon+Yoojeongyeon+Myoui hahaha great job author kekeke
1 points #3
Chapter 1: Woo my name is mentioned there :3

Uwu, what a great progress in Jeongmi's love life. Now I need the sequel~
Hanlex 1 points #4
Chapter 1: Awww <3 Daebak!
Heyboiii 24 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 1: Cuteeeeeee
Ty for the story
1 points #6
I am Yoo, you are Myoui, we are MYOO? lmao lame joke. Anyways, thanks for this, Appa. Happy (late) JeongMi day :D
zo551998 1 points #7
Chapter 1: So cute :)
1 points #8
Chapter 1: I know I can always count on you. This is so sweet :))
1 points #9
Chapter 1: Wow...this so sweet....
Jeongmi123 1 points #10
Thank you so much for writing this for me on this day #happyjeongmiday omg it so soft and sweet that i love it so much please write more you got that talent bro :))