these drugs have made me loopy

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In which, Taeyeon prides herself in her smooth talking skills and Jessica just happens to be on the receiving end. Hospital!AU (sort of)



This is quite different from my usual stuff and I wrote it just for a bit of fun + I was just fooling around; it's nothing too serious lel :) Hope y'all enjoy nevertheless. 

Short taengsic fluff piece (oh my god, it exists?

Maybe I'm the one on drugs hehe


(p.s. Once, Again = slowly getting there...very very slowly since I'm procrastinating and distracted af haha)


someone asked for taengsic fluff lol

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310 streak #1
Chapter 1: Damn. This one shot is gorjess. The fluff here was so pleasant and nice and so freaking good! Loopy Taeyeon was so cute, aw. Oh, and when she was embarrassed she was cute as well! ^u^ And Jessica playing along to Taeyeon's loopy talk was so nice, this girl is seriously so lovely <3
I enjoyed reading this story so much, and I'm in love with this whole idea (I bet that Jessica looks scorching hot in the doctor's uniform *o*)
kryssiee #2
Chapter 1: Cuteness overloaddd~ druged or not tae still sweet talker :D thanks for the fluffiness ♡ ^^
Chapter 1: Awwwwwwww. They’re so adorable . This is like the soothing ointment to your Once, Again fic. Hahaha, i love both tho. Thank you :)
taejellybean #4
Fluffy cuteness overload. And do I love it? Yes. YES I DO!
SwoonedbyJess #5
Chapter 1: Saw your name with hashtag Taengsic. I’ve never click so fast in my life. Awww this reminds me of facebook videos that they share while the patients still being loopy xD Taengooo you sweet talker <3
Chapter 1: cute cute cute~ tae being loopy is so cute, though she always is, jess was screwed from the start lol, thank you for writing this!
on drugs or not Kim Taeyeon such a sweet talker :D
nice story :)
thank you for sharing
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Chapter 1: Omg, finally you listen to the world; that they needfluff TaengSic :D author-nim you should've told me that you wrote this. I'm so craving about TaengSic especially, the fluff one, since y'll u know how tragic our ship.

Okay, enough for insulting them. Generally speaking, Taeyeon with her smooth talker really cringed me. But, yeah her smooth talker never dissapointed me.
Well, in drugs or not she's definitely the real smooth talker.

Keep on writting authornim, even though fluff isn't your department. Just remember that there are bunch of TaengSic's shippers craving about fluff like me such a TaengSic trash. Thank u for the one shot^^
soojongin_ #9
Chapter 1: soooo cheesy hahaha
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Chapter 1: Taengsic fluff is my guilty pleasure lololol, but seriously thankful for this fluffy stuff ehe ehe so cute, good thing that taeyeon is still a smooth talker even without the drug lol, thank you for this fic !