Symptoms: Restorative


Jongdae actively hated the cognitive exercises the doctor made him do every week, but he loved the consequences of them. Seeing the love of his life and long time friend, smiling? It was a privilege he wouldn’t give up.


This will be the conclusion story to the Symptoms Series! It has been a ride with you lovely readers! I definitely never expected to get this much interest in this series, and I definitely hope that you all enjoy this finale.


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Story Release: January 2018



Symptoms | Symptoms: Significantly | Symptoms: Resorative 

Nope. Definitely didn't do any teasers, but the story is now ready! Leave me with my greedy Comments and do Upvote if you enjoy!

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1 points #1
Chapter 5: I can only say that this story is just purely beautiful. I really love it a lot and I guess I might even reread the whole series again in the future. I really love this story a lot. Gonna start reading your other works, hehe ^^
yellowcapoo 1 points #2
Chapter 5: I spend a good amount of tears reading all of the series. Seriously I am so emo you are such a very good writer!
1 points #3
Chapter 5: aaand the final chapter! I really enjoyed their character development through these chapters! With a sweet ending, too.... thank you so much for this wonderful story :)
1 points #4
Chapter 5: Um so I really don’t know what to say now the story has ended. This story definitely stood out from all the other ones I’ve read, and thats why I constantly found myself rereading the first two parts of Symptoms before you decided to come back with Restorative. It feels like I went through the whole battle with Tazzer, experiencing her pains and joys before also getting a glimpse of Jongdae’s battle. His stuggles, the raw feelings for Tazzer. The storyline is so unique, but its your way of unfolding this story that made me stay.

I’m happy for Jongtae and Tazzer WOW THIS IS THE ENDING IVE ALWAYS BEGGED FOR. LOVE IT TO DEATH. But thanks for everything. This story will definitely have a special place in my heart.
Macire 1 points #5
Chapter 5: This story is so sweet and amazing
Chapter 5: This story was so sweet! It really stood out from all of the other fics on AFF.
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Chapter 5: Reading this chapter again because of the feelings and yeah... This story is awsome, I'm happy it came to a nice end. I'll miss it. Thank you for writing and sharing your stories with us authornim! ~♡
deandra #8
Chapter 5: this was too good. I cried because it ended and beautiful too. Wow it's good to stick with this story for a couple years I suppose?? Good luck!
darkblue 1 points #9
Chapter 5: I’ve reread this series multiple times and it never fails me to make my body tingle and edge up at times through out the series. I’m so glad that you finished and put a beautiful ending to this- I’m so proud of you pushing through to finish and i greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication... can’t wait to read more of your writings! :) thank you!
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Chapter 1: I had to re-read this after going through the others, and it makes so much more sense, but also, it hurts a little more

I can understand Jongdae hating his toddler self, is absolutely logical that he does, since he feels that it was a burden for Tazzer, but at least he’s conscious enough and he’s trying his hardest to get better, even when it makes him that exhausted, I just want him to imparice so much but also to realize that none of that is his fault and relieve himself from that guilt...

Like always; amazing <3