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I miss roleplaying and want to open a new roleplay place hopefully with the help of some users.

If you're interested at all in a FACEBOOK-BASED, LITERATE, AU roleplay, please do share your opinions and vote in the next few chapters or the links below!

BONUS QUESTION: What do you look for in a roleplay that will guarantee your stay and activity? Please be completely honest!



UPDATED A/N: If there is anyone who would like to be involved in the opening of a new roleplay, please don't hesitate to send me a friend request and private message!

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ELEUTHERIA_RP 1 points #1
A) City AU (17 votes)
B) High School AU (12 votes)
C) Entertainment Industry AU (6 votes)
D) Fantasy Themed AU (3 votes)
E) Others (Please leave a comment) (2 votes)

A) Yes, as an _active_ member. (16 votes)
B) Yes, as an admin. (2 votes)
C) Yes, as a member, but I may not be active. (5 votes)
D) No! (2 votes)

when is the poll closing?
[deactivated] 13 streak #3
Chapter 1: i honestly havent seen any good high school rps for quite some time.. ive always wanted to see a high school/ persona (the video game) themed rp, but im not sure how thatd come into play...
if you really wanted to, you could try combining genres/themes too! though im sure you already have something in mind..!
good luck and ill stay updated ^^~!
aoisora- #4
It is almost impossible to keep literate roleplays active nowadays. Not because of people lacking interest in it because i see people being decent enough to roleplay for real in crack rps. I dont know why though literate roleplays die easily. But good luck anyways with this idea.
bippityboppitybih #5
To be completely honest, all of those themes have been ran through the ground and no one ever actually sticks to the theme. You will garner interest and have people join, but it will be incredibly difficult to keep the rp alive. Literate roleplays on FB tend to die very quickly. I think you guys need to venture into a completely new, unheard of genre or be so committed to sticking to one of these old genres that everone will think it's a breath of fresh air.