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Batch 5 opened
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Welcome to Blooming days Graphic Shop - Batch 5 featuring kim jongin. This batch has 20 spots. Please read the rules carefully and follow them.
Till now, I've been doing graphics even though people didin't follow the rules but not anymore.  After checking the request form, I'll reply to your comment whether your request is accepted or not.  Not following the rules properly, will make me not accept your request or blacklist your name. ^^
▬ 1. rule
Please subscribe. Upvote is optional but is welcomed. <3
▬ 2. rule
Credit the shop using the banner below. Comment here after requesting. Code word is 'deep breath'.
▬ 3. rule
All the work is free but please make a blogpost about the shop before your request is done.
no blogpost = no graphics
▬ 4. rule
Don't ignore after requesting. It takes many efforts to make the graphics. Please go for redo if you don't like the graphics. And if still you don't like the graphics, then you can request somewhere else. I won't mind that at all.
▬ 5. rule
Drafted stories are allowed as long as you are ready to publish it in 1 week.
▬ 6. rule
Comment when requesting and picking up. PM me or comment here for any queries.
featured art
by deadrose
by GracelamluvSuJu
request list
01 // Feixiang // Memory Lane // done
02 // Feixiang // If Only // done
03 // Feixiang // Fragments of hope // done
04 // Feixiang // Colours Of Love // done
05 // Finally_Home // Sunset Cafe // done
06 // Taengsicfreak89 // Enchanted // done
07 // GracelamluvSuJu // hooked // done
08 // SHINeeMe08 // Book of Love // done
09 // DeadRose // Drained // done
10 // Feixiang // Remnants of You // done
11 // Feixiang // The Choice Is Yours // done
12 // Feixiang // Reluctant To Let Go // done
13 // Feixiang // Truth Untold  // done
14 // Feixiang // Traces of Love In Time // done
15 // Feixiang // Rhythm of The Rain // done
16 // Feixiang // Baby, Don't Cry... // done
17 // Its-Zero // April Showers // done
18 // Alex17 // Soulmates // done
19 // KimJKai19 //The Boy I Used to Love // done
20 // DGNA_Forever // The New Normal // done
01 // user // reason
02 // user // reason
03 // user // reason
04 // user // reason
05 // user // reason
06 // user // reason
07 // user // reason
08 // user // reason
09 // user // reason
10 // user // reason
Calling It's-Zero! Last day to pick up the graphics!


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Just sent a request. Thank you for your hard work.
Chapter 22: Wow! That's beautiful and perfect! Thank you so much! I love it♡.
Chapter 20: I'm awestruck! It's beyond my imagination!
I have the best poster :D
298 streak #4
Congratulations on your fifth batch! (^o^) All the posters look very amazing. :) The colour effects and editing are all as beautiful as always. :D

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to send in a request. (ToT) I was thinking to, but I wasn’t sure whether to send in a form for a new story or an old story. After all, I have too many stories right now, and I’m a bit behind on motivation to write so-

Either way, your posters are gorgeous just like the usual! You definitely worked hard and came a long way to get here. C: Keep up the good work, I’ll always be here to support you!
Chapter 9: Hi thank you sssoooo much!! Really love the poster :D
45 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 16: I Like how the oc looks somewhat like Bae Suzy xD
I just sent a request! If you need any pictures or anything, let me know. Thank you!
45 streak 1 points #8
Yo Vivi,
instead of usin the quotes in the form, cuz somehow the quote was the same one as RoY, i wanna change the quote to this one instead:

"I am thinking of you in my sleepless solitude tonight. If it's wrong to love you, then my heart just won't let me be right cause I'm drowned in you and I won't pull through without you by my side."
Chapter 10: woah it was great poster, i like it so much..thank you, picked up and credited :)