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This is my first graphic shop where I'll design everything. So please be easy with me because It's been only few months since I have started designing. I am lacking in many ways but I'll try my best here. So please take care of me. I am not really good at romance.. But I will try my best.. ^^

Rules //

1. Please subscribe. Upvote is optional but is welcomed. <3

2. Credit the shop using the banner below.

3. Comment after here requesting. Code word is your favourite song from EXO.

4. All the work is free but please make a blogpost about the shop before requesting. Donations are gladly accepted. Please follow my instagram account to support me, pretty please. @exoholic_pragati

5. Don't ignore after requesting. It takes many efforts to make the graphics so It hurts when someone ignores the graphics. Please go for redo if you don't like the graphics. And if still you don't like the graphics, then you can request somewhere else. I won't mind that at all. ^^

6. Please comment below before picking up the poster telling your thoughts about the poster. Use the poster for at least 1 week.

7. PM me or comment here for any queries. :]

Pending //

daengdu -- Working

username -- status

username -- status

username -- status

username -- status

username -- status




Big thanks to walkingcloud for this amazing layout!! Do check out her shop for such amazing works!! ^^

on CLOUD 9 || graphics & layouts requests


Please follow my instagram account to support me, pretty please. ->>> @exoholic_pragati

Please comment here when you are done filling out the form. ^^

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Chapter 46: Thank you very much for your hard work. I loved this one! I don't regret requesting. X I picked it up. (:
I know you are busy, and I am shameless for requesting again. I am so sorry, its just that God! You work is always amazing. I submitted a request. Thank you very much. Words cannot express my gratitude.
Chapter 45: Dear lord! The poster is ...oh my god! It's so perfect. I love it, I truly appreciate and love your work. Thank you so very much for the wonderful, beautiful, amazing poster.
Chapter 44: Oh my god! I just picked my poster and it was amazing. Thank you very much. You are the best.
Hey! I know you're busy but I just submitted two of my requests. Because your work is always the best. Thank you dear.
I've picked my request, thank you so much love! You never disappoint me not for once, girl you're the best ^-^

Also I've followed you on ista
Chapter 42: OMG THANK YOU! This is awesome! I'm hyped to put it up later! Thank you again!!!
I placed an order. Thank you. X
I placed a request. Thanks dear.
I've picked up my work, thank you so much, it was really great just the way I wanted it, thank you once again.