The Drowned One

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Finally convinced to go diving in one of the greatest spots on Earth, Baekho finds himself into a far bigger role than he even thought possible.




Written for the What's Your Number contest, using the prompt:

There are locations all around the world that, to put it simply, we are not supposed to know about.

Triple update yall... and the story is complete. ♡

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StarSongGalaxy 1 points #1
Chapter 10: That was an interesting ending! Open, but with room for interpretation...
I hope everyone survived, but I know the chances of that.
In my perfect ending, Yeri gets Baekho to safety, with the help of Aron the fisherman (I don't know why I can see him as a fisherman) who promptly calls his brother, JR, to tell him his diving buddy was found. JR rushes to Aron's home, along with Minhyun, Baekho's best friend. Meanwhile, they call Ren, who's a doctor, to assess Baekho's condition, and they work together to find Yeri's people to help them or prevent them from doing any harm.
Then happy ending with families & marriages & fluff!
1 points #2
Chapter 10: Sooo he did survive! Who thinks that Yeri Will lowkey "run away" with him raise your hand! o/ lol
I think this was a Nice ending. In a way, I do think that it's not for us to know what happened next, Just what happened until then. X3
1 points #3
Chapter 10: SDGFDKJN K
In my mind they have a happy ending and their children have red hair. #fightme

But I'm just like???
I hope everything turned out fine and so, yehet.
1 points #4
Chapter 9: AGH WHAT, I THOUGHT THEY HAD WEEKS?! The dome is breaking ene I hope they make it out and that everything ends well.. though it might not and the story would still be good. Eh. :D
1 points #5
Chapter 8: Ohh nonono! No no. No no no. THey have to stop the murder of Junghwa! D: If only Yeri wasn't such a poky individual ):
1 points #6
Chapter 7: Oooh, that's the way of life :o
Wow, Yeri and Irene don't like each other. Hum.
1 points #7
Chapter 7: Yeri definitelly doesn't like Irene and it's the same on the other side xD I Wonder if it's only because of their mothers.
Also, Dongho should win the Peace Nobel for dealing so well with everything cough Yeri cough xD
And I do Wonder How he Will survive. Part of me think that maybe he won't and the story will end there, but the other think that he Will survive and crazier things will happen on the Surface. XD
1 points #8
Chapter 6: Well, seems that Dongho could have made a friend (kind of?) already. Irene seems a nice girl, like, she's not interested in plays of power and this is already a good thing to Dongho's situation xD (And Irene should really not get worried, because our nice human here has his mind occupied by only one red-haired girl xD /run)
Tho... WHAT DO YOU MEAN SOME WEEKS?! O.O' aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Punktele 1 points #9
Chapter 6: Really enjoying your Story! Happy to see Irene being nice and telling Dongho what's going in.
1 points #10
Chapter 6: Ohhhh, Irene! Hai Irene :D
Eeesh. He got the information from someone other than Yeri >.<
But now he knows the danger :o