Angel's Starlight


A group of friendly delinquents stumble upon a very quiet stranger on a school night, not knowing what to do with her.  They decided not to abandon the helpless girl and take her in to what they call "their home".  Ever since she entered their lives, unexpected things start happening, which makes each delinquent of the group question their lives for the future.

A story written for the Ready, Set, WRITE!  {SHINee Writing Contest}.  It follows Prompt #4 in the contest:

"What can I do to make you happy?"

Enjoy.  :)


Five boys become reliable friends, and together, they create a living out of stealing and other sneaky antics to get what they want.

One night, the now five men (who are qualified as university students) accidentally find a small fragile girl on the streets of Itaewon in South Korea.  Her silent responses to their curious questions led them to taking her to their secret "home".

What happens to these five men once this girl enters their lives?


Snippet from 1st chapter:

"Guys, I think she's mute," Onew voiced out as the girl simply stared at all of them from where she was sitting.  Key personally felt that the little girl shouldn't sit on such dirty ground.

Then again, they were all outdoors, and the girl probably didn't mind, considering how her short white dress is dirty and torn.

Jonghyun was the first one to bravely come closer and carefully lifted her in his arms.  The dirty girl looked like she was really sleepy, then a few moments later her eyes closed and her head rested against Jonghyun's chest.  He looked up at his friends with a smile on his face.  "Can we keep her?"


Character Analysis:

Onew  (Jinki)

  • likes - chicken
  • dislikes - drugs & alcohol
  • habits - trips too much / condition
  • pet peeves - being called by full name
  • objective - wants to live life to the fullest

Jjong  (Jonghyun)

  • likes - music
  • dislikes - smoking & drugs
  • habits - skinship endorser
  • pet peeves - stalkers & comparison in height
  • objective - has a passion for music

Tae  (Taemin)

  • likes - dance
  • dislikes - clowns
  • habits - innocent demeanor
  • pet peeves - being called too young
  • objective - loves to dance


  • likes - sports
  • dislikes - drugs & alcohol
  • habits - competitive streak & silence
  • pet peeves - no justice & bullies
  • objective - likes to learn each day

Key  (Kibum)

  • likes - fashion
  • dislikes - people bossing him around
  • habits - talk / nag too much
  • pet peeves - begging & up to people
  • objective - doesn't know which direction heading in life


(mystery girl's character will be revealed in the story, but here's a picture of her: )

(Sorry, but you'll have to imagine her facial features yourselves.  Especially if you are a girl and is reading this fanfic, you can imagine yourself as her. :])

P.S.:  This story is entirely fictional, including any information within the story that may sound realistic.

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kiwi_95 #1
Loved it!!
this story is so awesome~! its just so sad that it ended so quickly!~ T^T
[deactivated] #3
dammit. i need to go back to kindergarten. i'm sorry. i meant.....KEY-OPPA DON'T DIE!!!!
P.S. Nina's still psychotic.
Forgive me.
mianhe ^^
[deactivated] #4
holy mother of god. nina is psychotic.....COME ON BYUL! YOU HAVE TO SURVIVE! FOR JJONG-OPPA!!!!!!!!
jjong is a jealous puppysour~! XD
update soon!
That story..... Trully touched me ;____;<br />
Update soon! :D<br />
>.<<br />
update again! :P<br />
is she really mute or she's just shy?
OHOHOH~~~<br />
UPDATE SOON!! :D<br />