Player's Game

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Oh Sehun is forced to follow and help his older half-brother, who's a boxer, to every game he plays and just stays in the dark waiting for him and carrying his things. Only a day he'll dump into a tall handsome man before the game. Maybe that's his charming prince from his Cinderella dream.

"Can't you see? You blind? MOVE"

Maybe not.

Somehow, he'll keep dumping into that tall handsome man.

It's all in the final game. You're either a winner or a loser.


I have no freaking idea (once again, as always) what I'm doing. But I know it'll be a long fanfic, and I hope y'all deal with me and support me writing this.

I really want to write it sooo bad ;^;


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Rockerlyn #1
Chapter 2: in just two chapters.. im already depressed ..sehun must be feel so suffocated
teufelchen_netty #2
Chapter 2: Good sehun, I am glad you finally opened your mouth
80 streak #3
Chapter 2: Ok im hooked now'. Chan is a bit oblivious and itscute. Im glad sehun talked up and jongin seems pretty cool. I love the trio too. They dumb but pretty great haha. I cant waitfor more. Please.update SOON!!!
Chapter 2: comparing to others, living without living, of course Sehun's gonna stop. esp if Chanyeol seems to care, says Sehun is his baby brother, but doesn't really see who Sehun is but see Sehun as he wants to see him. Even to his own family, Sehun as he is doesn't seem to exists, but the one who exists to them is the Sehun they want to be. Controlling his life, deciding how to live his life... Sehun has come to his breaking point. channeling that thru anger. others channel that breaking point thru tears, and i think Sehun is really brave to get angry.
i hope Sehun's friends say things that will help Sehun's feelings lighten up.
Chanyeol should wake up from his own little world. belittling Sehun's choices will hurt his brother and he should be aware of that if he cares so much about his brother. but i guess being loved so much by his parents, he'll get blind by the good things around him.. hope someone knock him to his senses.
Daydreamer987 #5
Chapter 1: I thought jongin was the one who would end up fighting chanyeol but guess not. The story looks really good will be looking forward to it.
80 streak #6
And yes, yes I saw the teaser!!!! EVEN SM IS SHIPPING SEKAI!!!
80 streak #7
Chapter 1: Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!! I'm already liking this Jongin sounds super hot and mysterious and Sehun is adorable (Cinderella) please updatevsoon!!!! I'm going to die if don't see more of this
kannykim #8
Chapter 1: Next next next
80 streak #9
And I think I sense a very cute and adorable Sehun
80 streak #10
This sounds super interesting!!! Can't wait for you to update. Omo boxer kai sounds so appealing and hot!