Your abstract concept of gravity


“W-what do you think you’re doing?” she stammers out as Irene pushes her against the wall, one hand wrapping around her waist and the other around her neck. “Shut up and play along."


Seulrene Thief AU that's kinda inspired by Leverage.

I dedicate this to the Bedwarmer Squad, our cute little groupchat where we play hot potato with literally every prompt imaginable. They know who they are, and you guys probably know who they are as well after today, since all four of us probably have similar dedications lol. I'll enumerate anyway, bubunn! d0remifasolar! pyrefly! Yay! I hope you guys enjoy. Oh, I'm also on twitter, @baecheesus in case you guys want to talk or, you know, scream about Red Velvet together.

Also, the wonderful cover photo is done by the talented ami, aka bubunn! Thank you so much, ami ( ToT )

Happy Seulrene Day!


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pot8toes21 #1
I love this
HiraiSanaxx #2
Chapter 1: Beautiful
fumtuboo #3
Chapter 1: probably one of your best ones yet :)
403 streak #4
Chapter 1: Oh my God. What a great story I just've read! I didn't expect Irene to work with the girls, even more so, I didn't expect her to work with police! That was so... wow. I expected Irene to disappear after the job though. Somehow, it was all too good for so long. But when Seulgi found Irene in Busan... I wanted to squeal from relief. Until Joohyun got shot >~< Poor her. At least she wasn't in a critical state or anything like that. And later she even stayed with the girls! Aww. How nice ^^
This story was so interesting I didn't feel it was 9k words. You wrote it so well, the characters were very likeable that it would be impossible for me to NOT enjoy the story! Thanks for the great time ^_^
violalagman #5
Chapter 1: plese write more
violalagman #6
KimJisooTRASH #7
Chapter 1: Adorable
Make anothet seulrene fiction autor
Legion97 #9
This is soo good. I love it!
184 streak #10
Chapter 1: Just reread this and I'm really glad that it got featured!
Well deserved~
More power to you author-nim <3