First spark


22-year-old child star Nam Jihyun has never dated. Sure, she has tons of guy friends, but none seems to hold her interest, while they see her as more of a buddy.

This is the first time she felt a spark, but does he feel the same?




I've always thought that Ji Chang Wook is a bit of a mystery. Even in the BTS, where he was initiating skinship with Nam Ji-hyun, I wondered if it was just a way for him to build rapport with his costars, or if he really saw her differently. This is my first fanfiction, and I'm writing from Jihyun's perspective because I love this bright, cheerful girl (maybe more than wookie though I liked him first). Hope you'll like it! :)

Hello guys! So this is the last chapter! Sorry the updates haven't been as frequent as I had liked; I really appreciate your patience and understanding! I might have a sequel coming up so do keep a look out for it! :) thank you once again for all your kind comments and suggestions! See you around!

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linhn119 #1
Chapter 4: Really enjoy reading your FF. Your choice of words is great. Continue the good work !!!
AleaJactaEst #2
Chapter 33 This story was amazing !
piggybank08 #3
Chapter 33: thank you so much author nim so exited for the sequel,. god bless u.
Chapter 33: thank you so much.
marcell_ok #5
Chapter 33: ok authornim...thank you so much..i'm gonna read it soon..
Chapter 32: Loved the ending! Hope you work on something new soon!
b_pragz #7
Chapter 32: Ohh it's the end.. Thank you author for this story it felt so so real... your writing is amazing and hilarious would love to read more of your work :)
Milaaae #8
Thank you for this amazing story, the interaction between the ladies here are soo funny. Sequel plsssss
mrsxxx #9
Thank you for beautiful story author, i hope you will write a sequel and another story about jiji, because i really love them
marcell_ok #10
Chapter 32: woooaahhh is it the end??i dont want it to end author..ottokhe??i like this ff so much coz funny fresh n hot also hahaah...n really like their interact..oh you have to write sequel or maybe another new jiji ff dear authornim..n thank you for all of your hard work in this beautiful ff..see ya next time..saranghae