writerturtle's poster shop [close - finishing requests]



I'm working on finding a layout for my shop atm, but I wanted to open this shop first. 

Let's just go right on in, straight to the rules and poster requesting.


1. Must be subscribed. If not, I will not make you a poster because I have no confirmation that you'd be notify about your finished poster. Upvoting is optional, but it'll be much appreciated.
2. Please refrain from requesting here if you already have a freshly made poster for your story. If you've had the poster for a while alredy, and have used it for the amount of time the shop you requested your poster from stated, then you may request here. 
3. You must use the poster I provide for you for a minimum or three weeks, before you can change it. If you don't follow this rule, you will be blacklisted. 
4. Will not make posters for stories that are in draft forms, and or not posted yet. Also will not make posters for advertisement shops or roleplays. This is strictly for stories only.
5. Whatever is listed on the request form is what you can request for only. 
6. You must fill out the request form, completely. If not, I'll pretend I never saw your request form.
7. This sentence is going to be very long with no commas because I want to make you guys read this sentence in one long long long breath and just don't want to be easy on you guys also I wanna make sure that you guys are reading the rules so give yourselves a pat on the back if you're still reading this and for that I'll give you guys the password which is: riceramyun.
8. Please leave a comment after you've filled out a request form. Forgot to mention that I will be taking six requests per batch only.
9. If you need anything to be redone on your poster, please be nice about it because my feelings are sensitive af okaylololol.
10. Lastly, you must credit this shop in the description / foreword of your story. Linking back to the shop is optional, there just has to be some kind of credits that states that this shop made your poster.

Disclaimer; I have the right to refuse any request I feel that is too hard for me to complete, and or I feel that I would butcher. Also, I am not the best designer, so if you are expecting high quality stuff, you're in the wrong place because I am an extreme noob. ImeanItrytobehighquality.






I would also like to address one more thing. I am indeed the owner of vibingturtle graphic shop *sarcastic gasp* who would have guessed? Well, the reason why I'm here now is because I wanted to deactivate that account since I lost photoshop and basically everything on my laptop. But I luckily got photoshop back, and got back on track after a while. Unfortunately, my dumb*ss forgot my pw for my account and I can't seem to login to my recovery email. But I'm here now, so yeah.... I would also like to apologize for all the requests from that shop I never finished. [When.you.dumb.and.you.forget.your.pw.for.jotform.so.your.gotta.make.a.new.one.Yeah.I'm.just.a.big.blob.of.dumb.but.issok.cause.I'm.here.now.]

Anyways, I hope you guys will request :)

Request Form

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Chapter 6: I already picked and credited!
I just want to say thank you very much because this poster is very beautiful and i dont really mind that you changed the girl because i think she suits it better XD
and wow you are very talented and this is like veryy beautiful i already said that twice but yeah i really want to cry because it's so beautiful better than what i imagined it to be so thank you soooo muchhh
I've submitted a request. I really love your posters. <3 thank you in advance ^^
191 streak #3
Chapter 5: Picked up and credited!!!
Wow I am so impressed by the poster...you captured all the feelings I wanted to portray, and you chose the best pictures for that too! I love both versions as well, although I ultimately chose to use the original one. The color scheme and vibe - everything is perfect, even better than I imagined it!
Thank you so much for making this poster for my story :)
heyy i just submit my request
can't wait!
the poster that you made is really beautiful btw XD
Mrssehunoh #5
Chapter 5: This looks great! ((:
Chapter 4: Picked up & credited! You don't have a banner, right? Or I just didn't see it?

Aaaaand I must say that I am IN LOVE with the poster! It was everything I wanted!!! I love it when designers add flowers! The whole vibe of the work just changes and it's soo soo pretty! *o*
I don't mind that you changed Jimin's picture... this one is actually even better lol (are you a mind reader or something?? haha)
The colors are also perfect! Not too dark, but not too bright either.
Thank you once again.... I totally love the poster! <333
191 streak #7
I just sent in my request! Take your time and thank you!
Chapter 3: hi its me again! yup don't worry, i definitely saw the change! thank you so much! i'm using it in my fic already! <3
I just requested! Take your time <3 hehe

& good luck with this new shop! *-*
LegitSwaq #10
Chapter 2: LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS <3 Thank you so much!! I love how it isn't too dark, and or too bright. Just perfect. Sora was perfect for this, I knew I could trust you :)))) I am picking up now, and will definitely credit this amazing shop <3333