A Wizard's Love story


Kyungsoo lived with his three brothers in a small city. He loved reading books. He'd go to the old bookstore twice in a week to borrow some new books. Life was peaceful for him and his family until one day the weather suddenly turned cloudy and it began to rain on his way back from the bookshop. Sudden flowers, weird weather and strange shadows? Yep life for him and his family won't be normal again.

(I don't wanna give any spoilers XD)


"Ah! Kyungsoo!" The old man smiled. "How may I help you?"

"Good morning Mr. Ahn." The boy smiled. "I came to give back these books I borrowed." He placed a few books on the table. "And to take some other books."

"Ofcourse." The old man smiled. "Go explore. Take anything you like. Its a happy sunny day!"

"Thank you." Kyungsoo bowed as he wandered into the the maze like shelves filled with stacks and stack of books. Kyungsoo looked here and there for some time untill some books caught his interest. He rented those books and started walking back home. It was getting cloudy suddenly with a little thunder. Kyunsoo frowned. It was pretty sunny when he left home.




A/N: So this is my first Exo fic :D It was a bit inspired from Howl's moving castle.I initially wanted to make it like that and only involve Kaisoo but then I got carried away 'cause I'm a er for Krisho XD so yeah, there are alot of ships. I hope you like it. Sorry if there are any typos and if the grammar isn't good. English isn't my first language. Do comment if you liked the story. Hope you enjoy!

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ilubbu #1
Loved it!
It was so adorable, a sequel please.
sukimin #2
Chapter 2: I love this!!! A sequel please :D
IngyineKhine #3
Chapter 2: Please do authornim Hwaiting !!
Chapter 2: Yes please for the sequel!
Chapter 2: I wouldnt mind a sequel it was a good story
hee_jone #6
Chapter 2: yes please
lovetaecyoon #7
Chapter 2: Sequel please :D
146 streak #8
angelflyer22 #9
Chapter 1: I got Howl's Moving Castle feels from this! And I love the ending! Very sweet! :D