Royal Ice


A Royal Family and TaengSic Collection of Shots :D



Chapter 1: Songs Part 1 (JeTi vs TaeNy)

Chapter 2: Songs Final

Chapter 3: Meet the Siblings Part 1 (YoonHyun)

Chapter 4: Meet the Siblings Part 2

Chapter 5: Meet the Siblings Part 3

Chapter 6: Meet the Siblings Part 4

Chapter 7: Meet the Siblings Part 5

Chapter 8: Meet the Siblings Final

Chapter 9: Songs Part 3 Extended

Chapter 10: Songs Part 4 

Chapter 11: Songs Final (1 of 2) 

Chapter 12: Songs Final (2 of 2)

Chapter 13: Not an update [but quite an important A/N, so please read]

Chapter 14: PERSONAL REPLIES [For everyone who commented, please read]

Chapter 15: Just Ask Me Part 1 (TaeNy)

Chapter 16: Just Ask Me Part 2

Chapter 17: Just Ask Me Final

Chapter 18: Camera (TaengSic)

Chapter 19: Anniversary (TaengSic)

Chapter 20: Crush Part 1 (RF)

Chapter 21: Crush Part 2

Chapter 22: Crush Part 3

Chapter 23: Crush Part 4

Chapter 24: Crush Part 5

Chapter 25: Crush Part 6

Chapter 26: Crush Part 7

Chapter 27: Crush Part 8

Chapter 28: Crush Final

Chapter 29: Perfect Part 1 (TaeNy)

Chapter 30: Perfect Final

Chapter 31: Friends (YulSic)

Chapter 32: Rumour Has It (TaeNy)

Chapter 33: Untitled Part 1 (TaengSic)

Chapter 34: Untitled Final

Chapter 35: In My Shoes (TaeNy)

Chapter 36: Annoying AC (YulSic)

Chapter 37: Zero to Sixty in 3.5 Part 1 (TaeNy)

Chapter 38: Zero to Sixty in 3.5 Part 2

Chapter 39: Zero to Sixty in 3.5 Final

Chapter 40: PDF Dumpsite

Chapter 41: Zero to Sixty in 3.5 Epilogue

Chapter 42: Getting Even (TaeNy)


Please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes. I am simply too lazy to proof read and/or edit.

And please comment when you can. Thank you. :)

'Meet The Siblings' PDF link now up!

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Chapter 33: Omg, I know you'rw in hiatus but this story really got me in the edge. I need more of this. Poor Jessica, I know she has a reason. Taeyeon could've listen to her explanation but then, who am I kidding? Our poor Taengoo got hurt because of lies and she experienced it once again, with Jessica. I hope they could mend their relationship.
miaymh #2
Chapter 42: Cute taeny story.. I really thank you for sharing your stories author *bow*
miaymh #3
Chapter 41: Hahahaha taeyeon's jealousy issue.. Tae is really cute
The hell tiff waved using her ringed finger hahaha, it's really funny author.. Thanks for aharing your stories :)
miaymh #4
Chapter 36: Woah it's seriously unique one.. Yuri is really a thoughtful neighbor, if yuri is my neighbor then when i am sweating much i'll come out from my house then yuri will run pass me a lot of times hahaha
miaymh #5
Chapter 34: Nice one..
miaymh #6
Chapter 32: What?? Tiffany was the one who started the rumor? That was ridiculous but unique hahaha
miaymh #7
Chapter 30: The first part makes my heart hurt but the last part heals it :)
miaymh #8
Chapter 28: Woah the three are dork and choding (if you know what i mean)
It's one of my favorite author..
miaymh #9
Chapter 19: I thought the previous one was the ending.. But this ending is way better and cuter
miaymh #10
Chapter 18: Aigoo taengsic is really cute.. Can't stop smiling when read the ending :)