I always stay by your side- Park Jimin Fanfics/BTS


Hii guys! This is my very very frist time writing Fan Fictions. Pls go and check out now ' I always stay by your side '. Please Please Please like and surpport us. Love you alll.


You was bully by Gahee, which is the queenkas of Bighit international school. Jimin the kingkas always be around to protect you but Gahee warn you not to be with him. Later on new student moved in, Jimin was shock when he saw who was it. It was Somin Jimin's Ex girlfriend. 


If you want to know what happened in the story pls go and check it out now.

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Hi Guys! Try to check ouy my first Chapter and Leave ang comment for an idea or feedback. Thanks you so much.......love you all.