I Love You

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"Excuse me sir but aren't you too old to come to this birthday party? No offense but for your information Luhan only invite friends and family."

RUDE. He was humiliated by a 18 years old girl infront of many people.


"You are 30 years old? Wow you are much younger than I thought!"

He was humiliated again!


"I'm sorry but I do not talk to strangers... oh the exit door is that way by the way."


"Do you think I will be impressed if you borrowed Yongguk Oppa's luxury cars and showed infront of me like that?"



His first encounter with a 18 old girl is not that good. That girl is rude but somehow he became attracted to her. That girl is the sassiest girl he ever met but he don't care. Minsoo knows, dealing (courting) a minor will become a huge problem but nevermind, he looks forward to it.

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Burnsie75 #1
Interested to see where this goes.
syaaaaf #2
Chapter 4: thank youuuu for update your story!
iechannie #3
Chapter 1: Funny lol
iechannie #4
Wow please continue