Just a dream

니가 제일 싫어 I hate you the most

"Did you hear? Hyuna is dating the geeky boy Jang Hyunseung!" Yoseob gossiped quite loudly to his friends Doojoon and Junhyung. The entire class also reacted to the rumor, whispering different statements about it. It was everyone's pass time before class began.

"Really? She's into those type of guys?" Doojoon was in disbelief. Kim Hyuna was a popular girl, pretty and talented in dancing. Her paired up with a geek like Jang Hyunseung, it was a total shock.

"Seems like it. Junhyung-ah, what do you think?"

As everyone was completely worked up over the rumor, Junhyung made no reaction. His face remained blank and just shrugged his shoulders.

"This is so like you, Junhyung-ah. You're too cool to care about the latest gossip," Yoseob commented with admiration.

"But Junhyung-ah, aren't you shocked that Jang Hyunseung got himself a girlfriend, Kim Hyuna for that matter, and you have no girlfriend?" Doojoon waited for his best friend's response, or even just a  facial expression, to see if there was an effect. After a few seconds, Junhyung still sat there cool and calm and then he suddenly stood up, making a creaking sound by the legs of his chair.

Everyone looked at him, whispering things "What's he doing?" "He heard the rumor, didn't he?" "Doesn't he hate Hyunseung?"

Junhyung immediately walked out of the classroom. Doojoon stood up and tried following but the teacher had finally arrived. Doojoon worried for his best friend, he didn't want any brawls when class just started.

 ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

"Junhyung-ah, what happened? Why did you walk out like that?" Doojoon asked.

"It's nothing."

"You sure?"


"Okay. I'm gonna grab our lunch. Meet you at our usual spot?"


Doojoon left to go to the cafeteria while Junhyung went to the empty classroom up in the 4th floor. That's where the two best friends always stayed because they knew that there was no class being held on the 4th floor since most of it was storage rooms. When Junhyung went inside he was surprised to see Hyunseung.

"Jang Hyunseung?" Junhyung looked through the window of the door. Hyunseung was -- dancing. He was popping and locking to the music, matching the beat to how he wanted it. His arms and legs glided with passion, his face covered in sweat. Junhyung was amazed, he knew that Hyunseung was a good dancer but didn't know he'd be that good when he's practicing alone.

Junhyung opened the door, a slamming sound was made. Hyunseung was shocked and tripped.

"Yah!" Junhyung yelled.

"What-- I should be telling you that! Don't barge in on people!"

"You're in my classroom, get out," Junhyung demanded as he pointed to the door.

"Eh? This isn't your classroom. And I can use it if I want to."

"No. Get out."

Hyunseung exhaled in frustration, and in exhaustion. But he didn't listen to another word from Junhyung and continued to dance to the music playing on the stereo.

Junhyung's anger level peaked at that point causing his body to react in habit, he raised his arm and punched Hyunseung in the face. Without anything being said, the two ended up in a brawl. Hyunseung punched Junhyung back and they grabbed each other by the collars of their uniforms, hitting the other non-stop.

"Junhyung-ah, today's lunch is really---- Junhyung!" Doojoon dropped the food he had carried and ran to the two, trying to separate them. "You guys! Stop! Cut it out!"

"Yong Jaesoon, you !" Hyunseung shouted.

The boys continued to try and hurt the other until a teacher ran inside the classroom after hearing the yelling. After breaking up the two 15-year olds from their fight, she brought them to the principal's office. They received after-school clean-up duty for an entire month. Not that this was anything new. This being their 56th fight, it wasn't shocking they'd do clean-up duty for the 3rd year middle school classrooms.

"You're an ," Hyunseung commented about Junhyung.

"You're a crazy bastard," Junhyung said as a comeback.

Hyunseung and Junhyung shared an angry glare for a few seconds then continued to mop the floor.

"Yong Jaesoon--"

"It's been years and you still call me that name. It's Junhyung now. Jun. Hyung. Idiot."

Hyunseung rolled his eyes in annoyance, "Ugh. Fine. Yong Junhyung."



Junhyung's eyebrows met in the middle, making a crease. He was confused, first Hyunseung called for him then didn't mind it. Junhyung shook his head and didn't care. Suddenly, a girl walked inside the classroom. Hyunseung's eyes lit up, it was his girlfriend, Kim Hyuna.

"Oh, Hyuna-yah! Are you here to wait for me?" Hyunseung asked in such a happy tone, Junhyung was disgusted.

"...uhm...Hyunseung-oppa, we're breaking up."

Hyunseung's jaw dropped, mop fell and whole world crashed before him in seconds. "Wh-what...what did you say?"

Hyuna joyfully skipped towards Junhyung and wrapped her arm around his arm, "I'm with Junhyung-oppa now!"


Junhyung scratched the back of his head and cleared his throat, this was awkward. Hyunseung's kept glaring at Junhyung as we walked towards him, "Yong Junhyung...no... Yong Jaesoon... you knew that she was my girlfriend. You knew that I liked her! So you stole her!"

"Hey, calm do--" Junhyung's face met with Hyunseung's fist.

"Junhyung-oppa!" Hyuna yelled in concern. She was on her knees and covered Junhyung's face, "Yah! Hyunseung-oppa!!

Junhyung rubbed the stinging bruise on his cheek. When he had sat up, he looked at Hyunseung and the latter had the same angry face he made in elementary school, a face Junhyung knew too well.

"...I hate you."

"Jang Hyunseung..."

"I f-cking hate you! I hate you the most, Yong Jaesoon! I HATE YOU!"

 ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

"I f-cking hate you! I hate you the most, Yong Jaesoon! I HATE YOU!"
Junhyung woke up from the echoing sound of Hyunseung's voice in his head. He sat up and groaned, "Why do I keep having this dream...?" as he rubbed his eyes. For the past 6 years, he's been having the same dream almost every night. It was always the dream of his last fight with Hyunseung.

Junhyung got out of bed, beating his own alarm clock before it , and washed his face. He leaned on the edge of the sink and looked at himself in the mirror.

"Yong Jaesoon... why do you have to be in love with him?"

 ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Hyunseung ran as fast as he could. The alarm he set didn't wake him up and he was running late for his first class of his first semester. This wasn't going to look too good. When he reached the classroom door, he opened it and bowed immediately, "I'm sorry I'm late"

"I'm guessing you're Jang Hyunseung," the teacher said.

Hyunseung stood up straight and replied, "Yes."

"Just in time. There's an empty seat at back."

"Ne..." Hyunseung bowed his head and then walked to the back of the classroom. When he reached the back, he nearly froze. This wasn't happening -- no, this wasn't happening. It's just a dream, right? Just a dream. Junhyung wasn't sitting on the chair beside his. He wasn't... damn, he is.

 ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫


Sorry if this is late! I've been so busy I didn't have time to update. Thankfully I already have a few chapters planned out, the problem is just sitting down and typing it. Anyways, I was going to reveal Junhyung's true feelings in a future chapter but because you guys have waited for too long... I sped things up a bit without losing the tension. ^^

If you noticed, I copy-pasted the second section of this chapter from chapter 1! To save some time and also, to look back at the previous chapter ^^ I'll make sure to update soon! I'll draft the next chapter~

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Junhyung is such a lovesick school girl in "I hate you the most" ~ XD It's FUN!

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