6 years later

니가 제일 싫어 I hate you the most

Now boarding for Seoul. Now boarding.

Junhyung heard the intercom speak, his train had finally arrived at the station. He grabbed his backpack and trolley bag. He boarded the train and sat on his seat. His mother had given him an allowance enough for 2 weeks until Junhyung found a part-time job to earn his keep. Everything was set -- his tuition, enrollment, dorm. Junhyung had nothing to worry about. He was finally coming back to Seoul after 6 years. He felt content, like he was coming back home. His memories of childhood were all left back at Dongdaemun...where his best friend was.

His best friend. Yoon Doojoon. Once they meet at the station, he'd probably first hit Junhyung.


And that's exactly what happened.

"Yah! Why do you have to greet me with a punch on the arm, huh?" Junhyung asked, rubbing the stinging pain on his left arm.

"You left without saying good-bye. Douchebag! Bastard! Son of a---" Junhyung covered Doojoon's mouth, stopping him from finishing the last word.

"I get it. I get it. I'm sorry," Junhyung apologized sincerely. Doojoon's arms were crossed, resisting the urge to punch Junhyung... but with the sad look in Junhyung's eyes, he knew he couldn't stay mad. That was how they became friends anyways. A teary-eyed Junhyung, Doojoon was always there to comfort him.

Doojoon raised his chin and faced his head towards the side, not wanting to look at Junhyung in the eyes; opened his arms and said, "C'mere..."

Junhyung laughed and hugged his best friend. 6 years. Definitely too long.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

"Did Busan turn you into a scarier, blood-thirsty man?" Doojoon asked jokingly.

The two 21-year olds were standing in the subway train, on their way to Dongdaemun, the shopping haven -- and the place where Junhyung's University and dorm was.

"I changed... I'm less aggressive, I guess," Junhyung answered.

"Really? While living in Busan? That's a 180 degree turn-around for Yong Junhyung-nim*, the master at bullying poor Jang Hyunseung."

Jang Hyunseung.

Junhyung hasn't heard that name in years. 6 years to be exact

"How is he?" Junhyung asked.

"...Eh? You wanna know how he's doing?"

Junhyung raised his eyebrow. "Why? Is it hard to believe?"

"Kind of... yeah. I mean, you hated the guy."

"No, I didn't."

Doojoon scoffed, "Uhh, yeah. You kinda did."

"I was a kid. I didn't know any better."

"Really? Since pre-school, you were glued to him like a fly that never wanted to go away. Let me count that for you. 8 years, Junhyung. 8 years."

"And I've been away for 6 years after that. People can change. Their feelings can change."

"Whatever you say."

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Hyunseung had just enrolled in the College of music at Kyunghee University. It was his dream. He finally made it. He was majoring in dance. From classical dancing such as ballet and ballroom, to modern dance such as jazz and contemporary. Hyunseung loved the elegant strides a performer makes on-stage. The lighting, the costumes, everything was dazzling about dance. Of course, his love was more on street dance and poplock, but the history of dance before it branched out further, he appreciated it. His parents were against it -- but they couldn't control his actions no longer.

"The auditorium... where is it..." He spoke to himself as he walked down the hall. He was sporting a faux-leather jacket over a striking black v-neck together with dark blue, acidwash jeans and a pair of Maker shoes; his black messanger bag dangling over his shoulder. It would be as if he came from the College of Fashion.

"Aish... I'm gonna be late..." He had to stop and ask for directions. He spotted a student with blonde, curly hair. A blue backpack on his back and bright blue jacket undearneath. Although he couldn't distinguish whether or not the student was old or new, a student was a student and he had no one else to ask.

He approached the student and tapped him on the shoulder, "Excuse me. Do you know where the--"

The student turned around and it was a face Hyunseung hasn't seen in years.

"...Yong Junhyung?"

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Hyunseung was sitting at the very back of the auditorium. He could spot Junhyung at the corner of his eye, sitting at the 4th row counting after his row. Junhyung was on the 5th seat to the left. Wait--why did Hyunseung bother counting anyways. Hyunseung shook his head to face the real world, he needed to listen to the speaker. But his eyes were against him, they went back to the golden shade of yellow sitting on the 4th row, 5th seat.

'...That bastard... he didn't even greet me...'

♪ ♫

"Yong Junhyung? Is that you?" Hyunseung eyes widened. He didn't know what to feel, whether to get angry or happy. 6 years is a long time. 

Junhyung didn't say a word. He just bowed his head and continued walking. He turned the corner and disappeared from Hyunseung's sight. Hyunseung was confused. What was that silence all about? He decided to follow Junhyung and turned the same corner, only to realize it was the entrance to the auditorium.

"Oh... he's also a student at COM*?" Hyunseung opened the doors and the large autiroium was filled with students chatting. His eyes unconsciously searched for the blonde he just ran into. When he locked view, he noticed the row he was staying. He sat on the same side but there were no chairs left on the same row. He ended up sitting at the back corner.

♪ ♫

Hyunseung didn't listen to a single word the speaker said. He was so caught up with how Junhyung acted towards him.

'He didn't even acknowledge me... does he even remember me? That bastard. He probably still hates my guts. Well, I hate him too! I still do!'

The speaker had said his final words and the audience were standing up and leaving the auditorium one by one. Hyunseung stood up as well, searching for the man that's been on his mind since he entered the school. The blonde hair went out the fire exit.

'It's so like him to disobey rules...' Hyunseung followed suit. He opened the door, the sound of a squeak echoed through the staircase. He heard the footsteps go down, Hyunseung was right behind. He had reached the first floor, the door was opened. 'He's here!'

He got out of the fire exit and he was outside the COM building. Hyunseung ran to the open field, where the huge fountain in the middle was displayed beautifully, grass all around and trees everywhere -- but no sign of Yong Junhyung.

"Why are you following me?" a voice questioned in suspicion.

Hyunseung turned around and Yong Junhyung was standing right in front of him.

"I asked you... why are you following me?"

"...I-I wasn't following you!"

Junhyung raised one of his eyebrows, "You realize that you stutter when you get nervous, right?"

"Huh? I-I do? I mean... No, I d-don't!" Hyunseung in his lips and covered his mouth. That was an embarrassing turn-out.

Junhyung chuckled at the ridiculous-looking 21-year old.

'He hasn't changed' Hyunseung thought. Junhyung enjoyed Hyunseung being in misery. How was that any different 6 years later?

"Why didn't you say 'Hi' to me?" Hyunseung asked in curiosity.

Junhyung shrugged his shoulders. Hyunseung should've known he wouldn't give an answer.

"You're attending College of Music as well?"

"Yeah. I'm majoring in composition."

"Really? I'm in dance."

Junhyung nodded, "Impressive."

"Thanks," Hyunseung smiled. Then awkwardness arose. "Hey... listen... I think it's been a long time since middle school. Everything we've been through, how about we put them aside?"

Junhyung gave a faint smile, "Sure."

The two shook hands, there was peace.

"Want to be friends?" Hyunseung asked out of politeness. With their past behind them, they could become better people. They'd be mature, understanding and--

"No thanks."


"What?" Hyunseung was surprised by the odd answer.

"I'd rather just... stay acquiantances."

"Acquiantances? We patch things up... and you just wanna be acquiantances?"

Junhyung shrugged his shoulders, all nonchalant. He raised his right hand and put it back down. That was his final greeting before leaving Hyunseung in the middle of the school's open field. 

'...that's it? Yong Junhyung doesn't even want to be friends? What the--this guy... He's still an !'

It's going to be an interesting semester.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫



-nim - It's a suffix added at the end of someone's name. It's like a highly respectful way of saying "Mr./Ms./Mrs." but when used towards friends, it's sarcastic. That's how Doojoon used it.

COM - College of Music. I'm probably gonna use this a bunch of times, I hope you'll remember~!

Busan - It's south-east from Seoul. It takes 4-5 hours to travel from Busan to Seoul. By the fast train, it takes 1 hr and 30 min. You may know artists from Busan such as CNBlue's Jonghyun & Yonghwa, Shin Bongsun (comedian), Supreme Team's Simon D, A Pink's Jung Eunji, others. Busan Koreans have a strong accent, when compared to Seoul Koeans' accent, those from Busan sound tough... creating a stereotype that those in Busan are scary or really straight-forward, blunt. So in the fic, when Doojoon heard that Junhyung is less aggressive, it's kinda unbelievable. ^^

// Hooray for chapter 2! Junhyung is so cool but Hyunseung sees this 'cool' as 'rude'. There's a reason why Junhyung doesn't want to be friends with Hyunseung... but we'll get to that. And Hyunseung still has some issues with Junhyung. Tsk, some things really never change. ^^

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