When She Was All That Mattered


He knew from the first moment that he saw her, that she was the one for him. There was something special about her. Actually everything about her was special to him. Although many would not agree, for him, she was the most beautiful girl he ever met. She was the director's niece and was friendly with all the idols. And for her, he was one of the many idols she met backstage. How was he supposed to tell her that she meant the whole world to him.

The hero of the story is NCT127's leader Taeyong and the girl is Choi Inha (just an imaginary character that you can imagine to be yourself). After completing her studies early from US she spend most of her time being an extra help for her uncle. That's how Taeyong met her. Backstage of one of the music shows he performs at. The story goes on about how he gets close to her and makes her fall in love with him. Although she just saw him as one of the idols she met and became friends with.


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