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Jiwon and Hayi were good friends, but when Jiwon dropped out of high school and suddenly disappeared, they drifted apart. Now, Hayi works in the marketing department of YG entertainment and Jiwon's a bartender who bears a secret. 



This story is an entry for the writing contest; YOUNG BLOOD

quote prompt

``i am attached to him in a way i cannot even analyse or describe myself. perhaps if i said, we sink or swim together, that is the nearest i can come to it. - martha gellhorn

word prompt

wabi-sabi (japanese): finding beauty in imperfections.


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All characters and events in the following story, even those based on real persons, are entirely fictional. This story is only written for entertainment purpose. The credits for the pictures and gifs go to the rightful owner. I don't own them. 


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Congratulations on winning Honorable Mention in Young Blood: A Writing Contest!

It was interesting reading from the perspective where Winner is Winner but everyone else is a “civilian.” There were parts where the tension of Mino’s career versus Hayi’s were explored, but it mostly felt like background information. Hayi’s relationship and complex toward Bobby were the major focus, but I felt as if more could have gone into developing things with Mino. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. Hayi was mature, but still trying to keep things together, which is my favorite Hayi personality dynamic. You did a great job with the build up of Hayi’s emotions. I seriously felt frustrated when she was frustrated, wanted to cry when she was upset, etc. Congratulations and I hope to read even more from you in the future.
madhyarfn #2
Chapter 5: I second that on the sequel. Kyaaa...
Chapter 5: finish already? *sobbing* finally , she end up with Mino <3
Chapter 5: it's done? nooo. please make another story of mino and hayi
kkapliner203 #5
Chapter 5: please make a sequel! MinoxHayi in detail would be great <3
Chapter 3: mino mino mino mino mino
a hayi fic yeSS my queen!!!!
kkapliner203 #8
Chapter 4: Bobby or Mino? both very precious souls
Chapter 4: i want hayi with Mino <3
softyforbb #10
Chapter 4: No ur not ruining the flow this is great and really satisfying and when I reached the end of this chapter I was on the verge of crying cause I don't want it to end plz update soon ♡