It all started from a flashdrive ~


• since this is an episoltary, this story has a lot of chapters. But only short contents since they're texting. Overall, this is just a short story.


"Hey look, a flashdrive" Sunny said as she point the pink flashdrive that was still attached to the computer's cpu. She bended over to unplug it and examined it. There's a name attached to it. "Tiffany Hwang" she read out loud, enough for her friend to hear.

"Ah, her" Taeyeon said casually

"Don't "ah, her" her, dumbo." Sunny said with a soft slap on Taeyeon's shoulder "I know you like her." Sunny smirked "here" she said as she handed over the flashdrive "return it"

"Why me?"

"This is your chance!"

"How am I supposed to return this?"

"Hmmm...why don't you text her?" Sunny suggested "that way, you can work things out slowly"

"Slowly my " Taeyeon rolled her eyes "I don't even have her number"

"I'll forward her number to you later" Sunny said with a wink "Don't question my abilities. I have sources"


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Chapter 97: Great story, i love it
Chapter 1: I've already subscribed this story for a long time and i just start read this today :D
Chapter 97: oh damn.... i need happy ending real quick T^T
Keiko_ney #4
Chapter 97: Ouwwwww....sequel plz....make happy ending...hiksss...
186 streak #5
Chapter 97: Oh gosh that's a sad ending and looking forward to that sequel... ^_^
Enssei #6
Chapter 97: WHY???? TT
I can't believe it... I'm so fcking sad :(
I need the sequel...
Well, thanks for the story ♥
tehafaieha #7
Chapter 90: I luv u too author!<3 u make my wish come true!heehee..thank you :-)..i'm cool now..hehehe
tipco09 75 streak #8
Chapter 97: (((( poor TaeNy. I hope that in time Tiffany's dad will learn to accept their relationship. I'm eager to read the sequel. I hope it will end happily.
Chapter 97: Omg.. it just end like.that? Huhu
Chapter 89: I was so scared that something was gonna happen to tae when she went to get the charger. Anyway I hope you get back soon... although they're still together the whole "space" thing is really sad but I can see where tiff is coming from