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When 2013 Jungkook (N.O era) found a strange red metallic cube in the bathroom of mcountdown and accidently brought it home. That night, Jungkook thought about the next years to come. And the next morning, he'll find himself sleeping somewhere else than his actual dorm.


A fanfic that came to me when I was listening to Traveler by f(x) and internet didn't exist where I was.

I hope you'll enjoy reading that little crazy story of mine here. ^^

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Chapter 8: Yes ! It would be so awesome to see future Jungkook in the past! What will past Jimin think of their relationship in the future? He would probably be so happy! Please do it! Can't wait for the next update!
Chapter 8: Oh my god!! I would like to know jungkook in 2013's reaction!! A multichap fic will be okay.
Chapter 8: an older Jungkook in 2013, so he'll be older than Jimin, Taehyung, Namjoon and Hoseok right? XD Jungkook will probably ask them to call him Hyung because he's a brat XD
Arisaak #4
Chapter 8: I want to see a lot of that
Maybe a multichap fic will be more fullfiling
Chapter 8: Witing for your next update author-nim...
The answer of your question, I want multiple chapter and also curious with the side of jungkook 2013 too about him and jimin relationship.
emmasweet #6
Chapter 8: yes i highly recommend that you incorporate jk old version's story in this one too pali pali hihihihih
nazifalamiya #7
Chapter 8: YES YES YES!!!I want to know whats going on with the other jk?!!!!
deathboyandsunshine #8
Chapter 7: omg yesss!! i want to see how older kookie is copping with mini jimin
Arisaak #9
Chapter 7: Yes I want to see the other world omfg
Chapter 7: It's sweet of jungkook :)