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Uber popular actor C has been hiding his lovechild with childhood friend/lover B.











[Breaking] A Secret Lovechild of Famous Actor C?


Uber popular actor C has been hiding his secret lovechild with childhood friend/lover B. C and B are living together with their child in a high-end apartment in Gangnam.


C is an actor within his early 30s who became popular because of a historical drama he starred in years ago. Currently, Actor C is still active and is recently featured as one of the highest celebrity earners.


According to our sources, the child is now three years old. However, C and B are still unmarried.


Source: K News


[+8,045, -134] Isn’t this too easy? It’s Park Chanyeol right? He is 32 years old and he starred in Palace Prince. He is number 4 in the list of highest paid celebrities… Heol


[+5,822, -230] Finally, a dirt on PCY’s immaculate image ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This actor is good in keeping secrets and hiding though. How was he able to hide a child and a lover for three years? I feel bad for his kid. Imagine your father keeping your identity a secret.


[+5,234, -235] I knew it! I knew there was something fishy about Chanyeol. His image was too good to be true. Now, it’s ruined.


[+4,678, -325] A lot of his fans are disliking the top commentsㅋㅋㅋㅋ Your oppa has a kid already. Deal with it.


[+3,630, -78] His career is now ruined. His fans probably felt cheated after he deceived them. He is a sly b*astard. 

[+1,456, -77] You think his career is ruined? This man’s too popular that his fans blindly accept everything that he does! I bet the fans would defend his sorry .


[+2,934, -156] Am I the only one curious on who B is? And how does the kid look like? With PCY’s genes, I bet the kid looks amazing.











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Let's hope I finish this before Baekhyun's birthday


[MOTIVATION] Happy Birthday, Byun Baekhyun!

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Chapter 1: Happy ending to them!! They just too cute
Chapter 1: What a warm story ❤️
20 streak #3
Chapter 2: I'm glad that Wattpad took it down. I feel pity for those who copy paste things without owner knowing. *slaps across their cheeks*
+ It's a great story among the fic list I've read. How dare they plagiarize others things?
Chapter 2: Okay so. First off. It's very rude and disrespectful to translate someone's work wo asking them, it's basically stealing in a sense. I hope the fic on Wattpad gets taken down immediately

But second. See. I looked at the title. And I was like. Omg. A new chapter. And then the title. I was like omg does someone try to hit on baek or smth? does chanyeol get jealous and turn into some hot macho man? Cuz yes to hot chanyeol. But alas. As devastated as I was to find out that it was an a/n I was even sadder to realize someone translated ur fic wo permission. I rlly hope u r able to take actions against this person ~fighting~
mitaki2 #5
Chapter 1: This is such a cute story!!! Very lovely from start to finish
Chapter 2: :( i want to slap again and again all these peope who steal other's works > < ! I feel sorry :(
Chapter 2: *Deep sigh* When others try to praise your work in the most unflattering way. T_T As crazy as this sounds I can understand why they do it sometimes, but I don't think I'll ever understand or even accept how they can do it without any regard for the original author's feelings. To me that is just unbelievable. Hmmm, all I know about wattpad is that we can report it but only the original author can request for the page to be taken down. I hope this issue will be resolved soon. I'm sorry you have to experience this.
Chapter 2: Yup. They removed it. ^.^
Chapter 2: It looks like it’s been takin down! I’m sorry your work was taken and translated without your permission
Chapter 2: When I click i saw this:
"This page seems to be missing...
The story has either been deleted or removed. You could try searching for something else you love!"
i think they already remove it.. i hope so.