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zodiac mansion
once upon a time, in a particular place there lived a person. The person was alone, even when he realized that many many people lived under the sky. He has thousand lives, and thousand memories, and he realized he was different from what other people had. and so, he isolated himself, away from people.
one day, a cat came to him, offered him his company. he then realized, maybe he could get along with others, as long as others arent people. He then sent out many invitations, and twelve other animals came to him.
the person was happy, surrounded by thirtheen animals. they held banquet everynight the moon sparkled, they sang, and dance, and laughed together. but soon he realized, soon this will be over. so he gifted the animals with power, power to change into human so they could talk.
but once they got new form, they became curious. one by one, they left the person's side, going below to meet other human.  the person, got angry at the betrayal, he gave them back the ears and tails, to remind them where they belong. they got called back once in a while, not to be a friend, but to serve human at the banquet.
years passed after that, hybrids would meet their destiny and locked inside the beautiful mansion deep inside the unacopied island. news travel fast, soon people with money would visit the mansion, to experience one day slave, or take the hybrid to own them forever.
"Welcome to zodiacs, where you can be free, to unleash your ultimate fantasies"
all boys      semi literate       rp    master x slave
01. this is all boys rp, we only accept male character. no international allowed as of now, sorry.
02. this is semi-literate rp so be comfortable to rp acording to your style, but no one liner please. therefore there will be a literate groups for plotting.
03. no ooc drama allowed, IC drama is encouraged but will be monitored frequently.
04. the character age should be 20+, one acount per-person.
05.strictly no bashing, ganging up on someone, etc.
06. be active at least 2 days a week.
07. dating ban = a month. marriage ban = 3 months after dating. no mpreg, no adoption. pass for master : your chinese zodiac sign. for slave : your favorite animal
08. Master can own a slave for himself after a month being active and at least 2 plots on the group. after being bought, the slave will live with their master outside the mansion.
09. please do subscribe. upvote would be appreciated.
you can join as hybrid (slave) or human (master). for the hybrid, you all can choose based on thirteen animal from chinese zodiac legends (including cat)

join format :

I (your character) would join as (slave / master). here my application :
name :
group :
age (IC) :
short backround :
occupation : (for masters only)
I've read the rules and the password is :
BTS (taehyung, jungkook )
Group Name (members)
Group Name (members)
Group Name (members)
Group Name (members)

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short description here. write 2 lines only to keep the format.
01. MEMBER wishes for ....
01. COUPLE NAME (member x member) since 000000

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Proudtobecarat #1
I yuhi segawa would join as slave. Here my application

Yuhi segawa
teen top
23 years old
Yuhi is a loner person since he was child, his grandma raise him cause his parents abandon him without any reason. He grow up become a silent person. One day the grandma died and his uncle raise him, cause of debt Yuhi's uncle sell him and get a lot of money, he never want this job but he can't ascape.
I, Yang Exan Xin would join as master. here my application :
Yang Evan Xin
Chinese model
short backround : Evan's life is like a bed of roses. He had all that he needed physically. A home to be called his own, a warm and caring family, and friends he can count on. But of course not everything is presented to oneself and sometimes destiny wishes to be selfish to teach people that life isnt perfect in everyway. Having to grow up in Chinese almost traditional family, Evan's life, the moment he turned 21 has been nothing but marriage interviews. Each he plans on always failing as the ones he meet are either in love with someone or is planning to ditch the day of the wedding. He can't hold a grudge against them as never intended to follow the said tradition.

On a nice evening, Evan receives a message from a friend, stating about a nice island that there he may find that someone he can truly call his. He take up the offer and travels to the said island.
occupation : photographer
I've read the rules and the password is : Tiger
Hi hi can I reserve bts' jimin? I'll apply in a few hours
I, Jungkook, would join as a slave. Here is my application
name : Jeon Jungkook
group : BTS
age (IC) : 20
short backround : All his life, Jungkook had been surviving on doing odd jobs in an exchange for some cash to fill his belly with some food, be it legal or not. His existence itself is a sin, why should it matters if he is occasionally a drug runner for some easy and quick cash? At least he's not stealing from anyone. And no one seems to mind either, especially when he tucked his bushy cotton tail and long, droopy ears under his clothes and beanie. He never knew where he came from, but he knew that a homeless man took care of him when he was a child, living together under the bridge. His caretaker (that's what he had been referring the man as) fed him only the good stuff he managed to find in the dumpster, protected him from bad weather, kept him warm during winter, and occasionally groom the fur of his ears and tail. Now that he made little money, he'd never forgotten to repay his caretaker with whatever food and cloth he could afford (he still couldn't afford a place for the both of them, and they're also had gotten very attached to their little spot under the bridge), donating whatever spare change he has on himself instead of keeping it. Life isn't as good when you're a hybrid like Jeon Jungkook, but he wouldn't exchange it with anything.
I've read the rules and the password is : Rabbit
Chaeyoungs #5
Can i reserve taehyung? I will post my join application properly after class. Pls : (