Band Is Love, Band Is Life


Who says band kids don't have any fun?


In which Chaeyoung is too shy and smart to handle, Mina is total oppa material, Nayeon might be a criminal, Jeongyeon and Jihyo are crazy, Dahyun has fangirlish tendencies, Sana is determined, Momo is stressed, and Tzuyu just wants some peace and quiet.


No offense is intended to anyone who may play these instruments or anyone who may participate in band class.

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Kristy060399 #1
Chapter 7: Lmao this chapter was so funny.... I can't wait for the next update
17 streak #2
Chapter 7: Chaeyu is so adorable and the rest are insane. Lol, I want friends like their XD
Chapter 7: this is so adorable!
tzu is fallin love, hmmm~?
also, chae and tzu’s friendship is sweet, simple yet strong :) those two are so awkward lolol
the upperclassmen just crack me up, their antics are hilarious (esp the switching instruments and asking tzu questions)
also, the dynamic between sana(conda) and chae is lowkey really heartwarming, and im glad that chae is a little comfortable with someone other than tzu
anyways, i can’t for the next chapter, and thanks for the update!
Distyna 15 streak #4
Chapter 7: Yeay u are back... Update soon pls
Ppaniyah01 #5
Chapter 7: Thanks for the update! Really enjoying your story so far
99 streak #7
Chapter 7: A "fantastic manspread"
I'm so glad you're back
Chapter 6: Omg love this story so much.
Chapter 6: Can't wait for next update, this is definitely one of the best twice fics out there
Kristy060399 #10
Chapter 6: Lmao this chapter was amazing (^^) please update soon author nim