﴾ PRISM - RP ﴿ WE ARE A GENERAL NON-AU FACEBOOK BASED RP WITH TONS OF FRIENDLY PEOPLE! COME AND JOIN OUR BIG FAMILY! Currently only accepting applications on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


You can't have a rainbow if it never rains.
Are you new to the world of make believe? Have you RP-ed for a long time and find yourself looking to start anew?
Prism Roleplay is a newly opened non-au facebook roleplay that accepts people from all colors of the rainbow. We want to build a place that all of us can share and create together.
So if you're ready, let's create a family of weirdos!
exo's xiumin
Timezone: GMT -6
Platform: facebook
Exo's D.o
timezone: gmt: -6
platform: facebook
open & accepting
Uncomfortable with AFF? Check out our Tumblr!

01 : Subscribe to the AFF page. Upvotes aren't mandatory but are greatly appreciated!

02 : Your AFF account must be at least 1 month old in order to apply.

03: ONE account/character per RPer.

04 : Our member reservations/the time you get to make your account is 48 hours after being accepted. If we see no progress, the face claim will be up for grabs again.

05 : No trial CCs! CCs are limited to twice a month. You cannot CC until you've been with us for a week.

06: No character resets allowed.

07 : Dating Ban= 1 week. Notify in your application if you’re a moving couple

08 : We don't want to stifle your creativity but as of now MPREG/LESPREG are unavailable.

09 : ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA, IC OR OOC. We understand that some drama will occur, it's inevitable, but if it gets out of hand please let the admins know so we can deal with the situation accordingly.

10 :  Ask.fm is not allowed.  Ask.fm was banned because it can be a tool for people to spread hate and fuel drama.

11 : NO FACECHASING. This is a problem that is present in many (if not all) RPs and is hard to control but  please make sure to give EVERYONE a chance.

12 : Prism is a CLOSED rp. Please keep your friends list clean from old members/people from different rps. Failure in doing so will lead to your removal from the roleplay.

13 : DO NOT add anyone in the RP (besides admins) until you've been announced and put into groups.

14 : Hiatus time is max 2 weeks. Semi hiatus is a month. For an extension, talk to an admin in PM. Be considerate if you'll be gone for a long time, remember you can always rejoin.

15 : Notify the admins if you’re going on hiatus. If you make a post about going on hiatus, tag at least one admin. If admins are not informed about your hiatus, either through PM or tagged post, your hiatus will be invalid.

16 : Most rules are similar between RPs but to show us you've at least skimmed our rules, our password is the color of the shirt you are currently wearing.

17 : Hanky panky spit and spanky are done in PM or in the [optional] rated group

18 : Activity outside of PM's is a must! We can't thrive without you guys! Changing your DP once in a while is not considered being active. We do random activity checks without warning so make sure you're showing signs of activity outside of PMs.

19 : Being active within the first 3 days of joining is a must. Failure in doing so could result in our removal from the RP.

20 : Welcoming new members is MANDATORY

21 : OOC comments in brackets or OOC group so we can keep things organized!

22 : Notify us if you get disabled. We will message you as soon as we notice, if we don’t hear back from you within a week, you will be removed from the RP.

23 : Violations of our rules will result in a strike. 3 strikes, you're out. 

how to join

01: Check out our masterlist for our availability. If you don't know who to be, see our wishlist!

( If you ask anything like, "Who would you prefer to see, Exo's Chen or Shinee's Taemin?" you will be redirected to our wishlist)

02:  Comment down below to apply. This is our application form:


+ The name of the idol/Faceclaim Name

+ Group name/Occupation

+ Your timezone

+ Password

+ Want to be part of the rated group? Y/N


03: You’ll have 48 hours once you're accepted to send in your link.

04: Set your alternate name to your faceclaim’s name.  (Example: "Minseok") You will not be added into the RP until this is done.

05: Recycled accounts are preferred but if you're creating a new account, click here to get tips on how to keep your account safe.

06: Please private message your link through our prism-rp aff account. Do this by stating the name of the idol first followed by your link.

07 : DO NOT add anyone besides the admins until you've been announced and put into groups.

08: We have 6 groups total (without our optional rated group.) Because of the issue with disablings that happens all throughout the FB RP community, we add you into them slowly to ensure your safety as an rper and the safety of those around us. Please be patient.

Happy RPing!


++ Prism is now down to two admins with hectic and unpredictable schedules. Due to the busy lives we hold outside of roleplay, we will be limiting the days in which we accept applications. From now on, we will only be accepting applications on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. 

Thank you for understanding and for your patience. ++

Prism's Featured member : 
This section will be reerved for our featured member which we will be choosing once a week~
Reserved(mm/dd) ; Hiatus ; Admin
2PM: Taecyeon - Wooyoung
B.A.P: Youngjae
Block B: Zico
BTOB: Sungjae - Ilhoon - Eunkwang . Hyunsik
BTS: Rap Monster - Jimin - Taehyung - Suga - Jin . Jungkook . JHope
Day6: Park Sungjin . Jae
EXO: Chanyeol - D.O -  Sehun - Xiumin - Kai - Suho - Baekhyun - Chen - Lay
GOT7: Jinyoung - Mark - Youngjae - Bambam - Yugyeom - Jackson
Ikon: Junhoe
Infinite: Sungyeol
MonstaX: Wonho - Kihyun - Hyungwon - Jooheon - I.M - Shownu
NCT: Taeyong - Doyoung . Ten
Nuest: Ren
Seventeen: Mingyu - DK  . Jun - Jeoghan - Joshua . Minghao . S.Coups - Seungkwan
SHINee : Key - Minho - Taemin - Onew
SID: Akihiko Ichiki
Super Junior: Siwon
Up10tion: Wooshin
Vixx: Leo
Wanna One: Park Jihoon . Kang Daniel
Solo Artists: Kris Wu -  Holland - Joji
Actors: Lee Kwangsoo - Lee Joon - Lee Jongsuk
Model: Kim Jisung - Krist Perawat Sangpotirat - Xiu Akay - Choi Jiwoon
Other: Kim Jino . Christian Yu
9Muses: Hyemi
AOA: Seolhyun
APink: Eunji
BlackPink: Lisa
Brown Eyed Girls: Ga In
f(x): Krystal
Girls Day: Yura
Gugudan: Nayoung . Haebin
Happiness: Sayaka
Ladies' Code: Zuny
Lovelyz: Mijoo
OhBliss: Yeonjoo
Red Velvet: Yeri . Irene -  Seugli
Stellar: Minhee
Twice: Sana - Tzuyu
WJSN: Bona
Solo Artists: Hyuna - Suzy - Chungha(03/22) - Yoon Yejin(03/24)
Actresses: Kim Sohyun . Kim Heejung
Models: Sayuki Matsumoto - Dannie Riel
Trainees: Somi
Sehun: NCT, UP10TION
Chanyeol: Girl's Generation, Loona, GFriend, Dreamcatcher, Red Velvet, f(x), Mamamoo
Xiumin : 2NE1, Got7, VIXX, Ukiss 
Wonho:All of Monsta X, Ji Chang Wook
Kihyun: Rest of Monsta X, Sistar, Apink but specifically Eunji, Vixx
Taeyong: KARD's Jiwoo, Yuta and Taeil, SF9's Rowoon, Day6's Wonpil
Yeonjoo: OhBliss, Shinee especially Onew, Super Junior especially Kyuhyun, Victon, A.C.E, San E, B1A4
Minho: Stellar, San E, Roy  Kim, Lim Kim, CNBlue, Crush, Dean, Hyukoh, Ukiss
Kwangsoo: Running Man members, Song Joongki, Lizzy, In Sung, Kim Woobin, Amber, all the rare and older muses
Key: Tiny-G Crayon Pop, F(x), Mercury, JUPITER, Kamijo Yuuji, FEMM, BAP, Orange Caramel, Kahi, Super Junior, Simon Dominic, An Cafe, Shinee's Onew
D.O : VIXX, Kwangsoo, BTS, Seventeen, Astro, GOT7, Mamamoo, 2ne1, F(x), Jonghyun, HOT TIMES SQUAD (sing me to sleep please)
Ong Seongwoo: Wanna One Jihoon
Jinyoung: Got7
Yeri: Red Velvet
Jackson: GOT7
Lee Joon: Anyone from MBLAQ
Mark: Rest of GOT7, JYP peeps, more ladies

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Accepted through Tumblr:
-Solo Artist Yoon Yejin
-GOT7's Jackson
0 points #2
solo artist / 88rising
white and black stripped
yea sure
Free to be roleplayed:
-GOT7's Jackson
-Solo Artist CL
chungha, soloist.
gmt+5 i guess;
prink, yes.

trying again hah.
Accepted through Tumblr:
-Seventeen's Seungkwan

Free to be roleplayed
-GOT7's Jaebum
-Solo Artist IU
Free to be roleplayed:

-Exo’s Luhan
-BTOB’s Minhyuk
-Model Lee Sangbi
-Exile’s Alan
-Red Velvet’s Joy
kang seulgi
red velvet
gmt -6 (it's still tuesday where i am?)
pink and blue
no thanks
Choi Siwon
Super Junior
GMT +8
(the old chung)

chungha, soloist.
gmt+5 i guess;
prink, yes.
ssomin #10
GMT -5