The Only Exception


Can you wait for a person 'till the end ? Are feelings still the same after years of waiting and waiting for that person to return ? Is it fate's work if you suddenly cross paths again with the one person, that at one point in you life meant the world to you ?

After years of not seeing each other they suddenly cross paths again at a party. Sinb and Yerin finally met after 7 years of not seeing each other, but it didn't quite went the way Sinb imagined it to be...


Hello, well this is the first time for me writing a ff on this plattform and I'm going to do my best to make it a great one! :)

Please, bear with my english it is not my first language.

Anyway, it may take a while for me to write new chapters, but I hope I can write atleast one in a week.


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09983820298 201 streak #1
Chapter 11: Hello!!!! This is Awesome story i want more!!! :)
Chapter 3: Wowww, everything is amazing! I cant wait for more Sinrin interaction
mysteriousSinB #3
Chapter 11: yesss sinrin! thank you for this authornim! please write moreeeee
Jiwikiwi #4
Chapter 10: This chapter was nice because duuuh wonhaaa but it kinda confused me a lot that you used 'you' instead of 'she'
Chapter 11: Ssjanhenwkdh soooooo cuteeee ㅠㅠ
65 streak #6
Chapter 11: Daebak! nice story. Good job authornim.
Chapter 11: They didnt talked too much but kissing passionately oh god these kids ㅋㅋㅋ . Sweet and cute. Thanks for writing this. Looking forward for another story. Fighting and luv yuh too ㅋㅋㅋ .
Chapter 11: Authornim Jjang!! thank you for this good story!
Chapter 10: Wooooo Wonha (*´∇`*) Thanks for the updated authornim.
Chapter 10: Yessss , thank youuuuuu