Petals and Ink

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Jungkook runs a tattoo parlor with his hyung, Yoongi. Jimin opens up a flower shop across the street. The two meet and become friends. But it seems they both might want more then that.

This is a collaboration between me and ChimMochi, she has other awesome stories so check them out:


I hope you all like the story. This is a collaboration between me and a friend, you can find her on wattpad she has other amazing stories written there.

Cover by: @nearmazi

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Chapter 11: I want a date like this one. It's so cute and unique.
ill_llamanati 1 points #2
Chapter 10: Omwl XD can’t sound desperate lmao
ill_llamanati #3
Chapter 9: aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww
And happy belated birthday by a month
Chapter 9: <3 finally! haha. . . This is so cute!
jikookdefinesme #5
30 streak #6
Chapter 9: Happy birthday to you author-nim :)
God bless your day.
Thank you for the update this one and 'String of Fate' too. But, it's sad that you just updated now after a long time :( Please update regularly
Poopeemoon #7
Chapter 8: Ugh its so fluffy and cute
My heart is about to burst
hELp mE
Chapter 8: Omg. The cuteness tho, Jikook on the rise <3
Keep up the good work author-nim! ^^
Chapter 8: <3 ^^
30 streak #10
Chapter 8: OMG what took you so long to updated ? It's almost 2 months already.
But, it's okay. Glad you finally updated. I don't want to presure you author-nim :')