My Everything


It was mid summer of 1997 when Eric met the girl of his dreams, Meg. But alas, she was just 14 at that time and to even think of them being together is impossible to say the least. There was just no way for them to try to be together, and as sad as it is, they had to part.

Now 7 years later, they meet again. He, a popular movie star; She, his fan. Life just got complicated than it already was. He was still the boy she loves; she, the girl he always dreamt of having. There is still that one thing that is keeping them apart, and it wasn't even fame. Eric was engaged. Would they repeat the same mistake they did 7 years back? Or will they sacrifice finally...give their love...a chance?



In this life, there are a lot of regrets.

A lot of what ifs.

You are faced with a path full of bumps, your journey disturbed by it along the way.

You are faced with so many crossroads, that it’s really hard for you to choose what’s right.

Sometimes, you make mistakes.

And that’s when regret comes.

If only you took the right way, then everything wouldn’t have turned this way would it?

They say that everything has a reason, and whatever happens, whatever choice you take, there will be a meaning to that one day.

However, if you were given a chance to get everything you ever want, would you grab it?

If you were given a chance to go to a different path would you take it?

In this life of regrets…


But a price you have to pay.

Are you willing to sacrifice your most beloved?

For that one and only chance?


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Chapter 2: omggggggg unnnieeee hahahahaah i laughed so hard at the part wherein he wants to flyy!! xD XD XD XD XD XD
will read later =) i'll comment again later unnnieee bwahaahaha <3 <3