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{AU} One forgets while the other remembers.

Kim Sunggyu can attest to the fact that it's harder to be the one that remembered. It's harder to be the one that's been left behind, too.

He knew. And it made him glad to know that Woohyun didn't experience it too.

But it didn't make it any easier.


This story is also posted here on AO3: x

This is also a rewrite of one of my previous stories that I posted here years ago. I haven't been around for quite some time (a couple of years) but I'm back and ready to write!

The story will be about 30 chapters long.


Please feel free to leave comments and any constructive criticism! Thanks! (:


Updates will be slow because I think I may or may not have taken on more than I should this semester--I'll aim for an update every two weeks on Sunday evening. Thanks for the support and comments!! It means a lot :') <3

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are they going to meet and then separate again brutally?? noooooo~ it's too cruel TT
Chapter 2: An update! :D I'm still loving it :)
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Chapter 2: Waiting for woogyu to meet again..thanks for the update
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I know that I am gonna like this..thanks for re writing.will wait for ur next update
I'm definitely subscribing to this!!! Will it tie into idol-verse or is the whole thing au?
Just stumbled upon this!! I got curious with your Description because I felt like I have read it somewhere. Turns out, I've found it on AO3 before lol. But the plot is really interesting though so uh Hi! I'm gonna be your new subbie~❤
I'm rewriting again from the beginning--please start reading from the beginning! I promise this is the last time! I was picking it up again over my break and I realized just how messy my plot line was. I promise that I'll try to update more often this semester... Happy 2018!
Chapter 3: Like what you said, ive gone back to re read starting fhe fjrst chapter to rhe newest one, i must say i like the changes youve made, it makes me understand better and easier to read. It must be quite a woek for you, but thank you for updating! After reading everything once again, my heart still ached badly for gyu, i hope to see, maybe if i dare to hope, a chapter later where i can see gyu and woohyun being together and all happy and lovey dovey, in which idk if it fits this story but im just so sad looking at gyu, imagine the pain amd hurt he endured all the time he lived as mortals, woohyun too eventho he doesnt remember anything. I love this story so much, its like reading a well written book, thank you again for writing this!
Chapter 3: thank you for updating, take ur time dealing with life. dont worry, hopefully everything is good for you. i love reading this story so much as i feel i can relate to part of it, and about how i feel. reading this sort of makes me feel very peaceful and calm. so i hope to read more of this regardless how long it takes haha. thanks again!
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Chapter 3: i love this story ;_; it gives me some nostalgic feeling (sorta?) or is it just me being emo lol sorry for rambling. anw its okaay you can take your time, best of luck!