Wontaek Playground Short Stories


These are going to be a pair of short stories of Kinder Leo and Ravi and their time in kindergarden.


Basically just Ravi and Leo in Kindergarden ~~~

There might be special appearances of the other members of Vixx or just random members from other groups.

(i am not sure if the chapters are going to be sequential or random though)

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Shik_Taek 66 streak #2
Chapter 12: Aaahhh!!! That was clever, Ravi!!!! (Those rude people need to go! Out!!)
That was sweet of him to offer his cake. And the present was really nice. It would be good if they'll go biking sometime. :)))
Waiting for the zoo date! *_*
Shik_Taek 66 streak #3
Chapter 11: Awww!!! They're so adorable!! My heart floats up in the clouds!♡♡♡♡
Glad they were still able to celebratem :) Am xurious as to what Wonshik got him as a present. *_*

Jaesun is a meanie! As well as his mom! :/
kwonswife #4
Chapter 11: I rather bury his cousin than you
Chapter 10: Thats so adorable
Shik_Taek 66 streak #6
Chapter 10: Glad that Leo was still able to dress up as a princess!!^^
Shik_Taek 66 streak #7
Chapter 9: Oh yaasss!! Pwety pwincess Leo!! He'll be so kyoot!!♡♡♡♡
Ravi will be an equally handsome prince!^^
Shik_Taek 66 streak #8
Chapter 8: Princess Leo is always welcome! :))) He's pretty and fits to be a princess. Ravi can be prince charming. :D
Shik_Taek 66 streak #9
Chapter 7: I know I'm overusing 'cute' in this fic!! Lol! But, what more I can say?? They are really cute! Adorable. Endearing. Lovely. Love this babies so much!
Oh...Taek got a dog now (in irl). ^_^