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An easy guide to find the exact monster you are looking for. I have always loved writing about supernatural phenomena and before I knew it, most of my stories were filled with forest monsters, vampires, mermaids and other creatures. Some of these fanfictions I decided to sort out so it´s easier for me to find whatever I´m looking for. Usually, because I wanted to check POVs or remind myself of an old story. Then I figured that my dear subscribers might find it also useful so I´m publishing this. Sometimes it happens that by sorting out the story, I gave away the surprise and uncovered the secret creature but as I said, those who read this possibly know the stories already. Thank you for reading and don´t hesitate to comment about the categories! All my stories have happy endings, are Eunhyuk-centered and all the categories in the guide are going to be updated through the time, although the story is closed as completed. - PandaHero

















I keep updating this one all the time! :)

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pinkapple04 #1
So happy you made a compilation of your supernatural stories! Myself loves fantasy and supernatural genre so this made it easier for me to find your stories to read. Thanks!