Temporarily Yours


Heartbroken, angry, and stuck. Irene doesn’t know what to do and so she ends up seeking help from the infamous Kang Seulgi, the eccentric heartthrob who nearly everyone loved or hated. Honestly, there was no one more perfect for the job.   


Another high school Seulrene AU because honestly, I love high school fics. Not sure how long this fic will be but it will definitely be longer than my previous ones. I expect it to at least be 7-8 chapters long. Maybe even more. We’ll see how this all comes together in my head and how diligent I can be about updating it lol.

Update (2/27/2018): As one can plainly see, this fic has exceeded my original estimation of 8 chapters lol I'm such a liar. Either that or I'm terrible at estimating. Well, we've still got a ways to go~ 
!! ALSO, a big, big thank you to seulhands for such an amazing poster~~
A big thank you to seulhands for the amazing poster ;A;

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Chapter 9: bruh i just stumbled across a post on tumblr for a bunch of good fanfics and this completely blew me away. i read all 9 chapters in one sitting HAHA i can't wait for the next update, hwaiting author nim!
Chapter 9: I was listening to story of my life by 1D, and I can't help but to think of Seulgi in this story. That's how much this story affected me. HAHA. I can't wait for your next update, been wondering what Wendy has in store for Seulgi.
Hbatef #3
This story is so good I'll legit put it in my top ten list to recommend others, encourage them to read this piece of art. ♥️
Chapter 9: Finally got around to reading this update and as usual i love it!! ^^
Poor Irene. A breakup is never easy. I hope she soon comes to realise she deserves better though *cough*Seulgi*cough*
Joy inquiring was definitely my favourite part! So funny ^^ thank you for writing so wonderfully :)
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Chapter 9: thank you for the update, and no need to rush the next one. Write at your own pace :p
The flashbacks of Irene and Minho added a lot of emotional depth to this chapter. The fact that similar events were happening under completely different circumstances and with someone else, made Irene's pain all the more palpable. I think this is something Irene needs to sort through by herself, and that's why I like Seulgi's approach -- to be there to support her through the process (as opposed to actively interfere?)
I wonder what's Seulgi's true reasons for entering the contract are...
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Chapter 5: Hope you come back and update us on the next chapter, cause it's interesting and it left me hanging, keep on the hard work and come back.
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Chapter 9: I absolutely love it. Thank you for all the great stories. I’ll be waiting for the next update
Chapter 9: Hey Author ! You dont really answer the question in my head here ! LOL But glad that Joy already told Irene that she knows about the contract so no more playing around. I think Irene is tired enough to put some facade for some time so Joy knowing this will loosen her up and be herself.

Trying to be strong and act like she’s okay is so tiring. One time it’ll blow up like she alr did. It’s like balloon, the more you put pressure , it will pop. Irene try to lean more to Seulgi , she can be your strength and you can be her strength too by giving her your best smile.

Im glad that Seul has Joy by her side, she also need someone. Btw, I dont know why but Im wishing Irene will find Seulgi’s sticky notes on her drawer while she’s out to meet Seungwan

I need more ... like how you want more pizza when you eat 1 only. I need more chapter and updates HAHAHAHA

Thankyou so much for updating !
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Chapter 9: Omg!! I’m so obsessed with this story. The story line, your writing and characters personalities. PERFECT.
Chapter 9: i just really want to know what's going on inside seulgi's head, the explanations are vague but really interesting. made me curious :D