Beneath The Darkness

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hi my dear freind and readers.... i'm back again with my third fanfic and a different story.... hope you like it ...and don't forget to put a comment on it. 


the main couple are minsaeng first and the hyunsaeng.... since i love this couple.

what will you do if you find out some one who you love doesn't love you.. will you just let it go or you will escape or you will stay .... every person react differently to this question  what will be your answer??????

did you ever believe in vampires or magicians... in a world where no one believe really that those creatures exist.... they should kill to live .....for blood and no one could escape from them and among them there exist some personal matters too... how would they deal with their problems...  now the story will be in their world

"How did you come in? Where are you taking me?" he shouted but no sound come out of his mouth.

Nothing could be better than a fresh young vampire blood who prepared himself just for him." Why your blood is still so fresh

he never regrets it because here he fined something that he could not find out

"I'm thinking about it myself. It's almost 3 years that I made this website but no one called for the reason I expected

That word always made him sad. How many times he should hear "friend". 

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kyurosy #1
Chapter 27: My poor kyu.. why's hyun joong so stubborn to accept kyu as his love aishhh. Anyway hope you have happy days ahead
kyurosy #2
Chapter 26: Urm.. if min and saeng are together is that mean hyun and kyu will be a pair? Please make kyu have his love to himself pretty please please XD XD. And hope you have nice days ahead.
Chapter 20: wow .. this part was awesome ^^ thank you for update ~ can't wait for next part !!!
HOT MinSaeng ^^
Chapter 18: Wow... This story is just AWESOME. Please update soon.^^
mehakh2001 #5
the new chap is just awesome.....pls update sooon....i can't wait to know what happens next....!!!
mehakh2001 #6
Ohhhhh...I just love this new chapter....pls unniee....don't keep us waiting update..more....
mehakh2001 #7
Ohhhhh...I just love this new chapter....pls unniee....don't keep us waiting update..more....
nesi0806 #8
Chapter 14: I think I just started to support MinSaeng part of the story more than HyunSaeng eventhough Minnie was a jerk for a long time... Sorry Hyunnie... :D
mehakh2001 #9
I just loved chapter 10 ..the story's full of thrill and romance pls update soon.....
mehakh2001 #10
Superb chapter...unnieee pls update soon..perhaps within 2or 3 days cuzzz...the story is so nice that I just can't wait to read more....pls update soon...