How vixx oppas are in school.....


N (excitedly): can you remember??? Me???? You smiled at me 10 years 5 months and 16 days ago.

Leo:poker face.

N (looking anxious): your not angry beacuse I didn't keep track of the hours and minutes are you?....Mianhe

Leo:poker face

N: I KNEW IT! YOU HATE ME RIGHT?! EVRYBODY hates me..I should just throw myself to the water tower.oh wait there are tadpoles in it I hate frogs. ..maybe some poison...??

Leo : poker face

Hyuk: umm hyung I think Leo hyung has fallen asleep.. ...with his eyes open. ..and with a gun to your throat. 



Ok i dont really know what im supposed to write here. .so ill just introduce myself.

Hi my name is ( check the author name).I'm a starlight.

This is my first fic. Please don't hate me. But this is how I pictured my oppas at school. 

was inspired by In full colours and the marriage and stay strong vixx fanfics . I thought I should thank those brilliant authors.

I'm very sorry if my story .. this is my REAL VERY FIRST time writing a fanfic! Please tell me how it is

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Lock-key #1
Chapter 5: Iam actually counting days till u update... Amazing story... I like ur style it's cute
Lock-key #2
Chapter 2: Uwaaaaahhhhhh this story is soooo cute.... update soon okay
Nokkidoll #3
Yes! I'm waiting to read the next one baby :D
Amiychan #4
Chapter 1: Really nice attractive interesting I like the story.good job uvichan.
Nokkidoll #5
Good job! That was a nice story c: