Of Gold and Obsidian

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Filthy rich Park Chanyeol who drives the fastest cars and who wears the finest clothes meets fast-food worker Byun Baekhyun, who struggles to even pay the monthly rent of his lousy one-room apartment. However, there seems to be more to Baekhyun's life than meets the eye.



A big thank you to the translators for your hard work! :)

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I can't believe this story got featured, thank you all so so so much! :)) It is an incredible feeling and I am still in disbelief :') To all my old and new readers alike, thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope y'all will continue to enjoy the story! <3

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Chapter 30: I rarely comment on stories but this is just pure perfection, I couldn't hold myself back. Wow. Just wow. ❤❤❤
piya_exo #2
Chapter 30: Wasn't there a link here for how the rings looked? i remember seeing the rings... was it deleted??
Chapter 30: Thankyou so much for writing this beautiful fic eheheh. Definitely worth to read
Chapter 26: I bet luhan's housemate is chanyeol. And HUNHANN! I HOPE THERE WILL BE HUNHAN AS WELL
oohsekaibaek #5
Chapter 30: thank you so much. i shed a pool of tears just now. T-T this is such a great fic. T-T
Chapter 25: This is the saddest chapter hng :(
Chapter 24: Poor chanyeol huh! But this is the best for him knowing that irene is such a snake
Chapter 22: Awww i like this one tho /smirk
Kaisooismyoxygen #9
Amazing fic with amazing chapters