Love me the same

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Yoona has been comatose for more than 3 years and when she woke up everything has change including the love of her long time girlfriend name jessica jung .Since she woke up yoona feel the cold attitude of jessica giving to her. 





"Would I still have your heart, babe? "yoona said

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Chapter 3: mybe jessica have some reason, hurmm mybe she's kind of "threatened" by Taeyeon
please make yoonsic for real ..
where are you authornim..
please continue this story...
Chapter 3: Yoonfany!!!
Chapter 3: hate jessica and taeyeon here...
but please continue this..
i hope jessica tell yoona about her cheating..
ellehyoo #4
I've been hating Jessica at this story and also taeyeon. This is interesting though, I hope you've get to update this authornim.
Chapter 3: I wonder what happened in that 3years time, wished you would give a flashback or what. Seems sica is being controlled by Tae?! I think, and sica seems doubtful whether to tell Yoona or what, seems she love her still more than being guilty if her current sitution. Update soon~
syahdaus #6
Chapter 3: So.. from what I got so far, Sica dated her boss to climb up the corporate ladder in order financing Yoona's hospital bill.. Or maybe she's kind of "threatened" by Taeyeon to date her if she wanted to keep the job..

Either way she could lose the if she break up with her boss..

nice plot, since she seems still love Yoona..

I hope you still have the will, time, ideas, and imagination to keep writing...
hei reader here..
great story u hv here...update soon
Chapter 3: isnt sica have options ? either she tell her immediately about her latest girlfriend and yoona is more broken OR she will tell later but sica will be more heart broken . kekeke , youre such a teaser . jjang
poepoethaehan #9
Chapter 3: Thanks God!! Sica was cheating on Yoona?Humm??Should i say like that?Pls tell Yoona ASAP that you have other girlfriend now,Sica.Don't hurt her.Author-shi,pls make Yoonfany more close and Sica jealous.And also make Sica regretting for what she had done to Yoong.
allayjadhule #10
Chapter 3: Is so hurt if yoong know sica have girlfriend :/