A Chance Encounter

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Kang Juyeon's life is rather ordinary.

She's content with her job as a Webtoon designer, where she's allowed to slack off. 

She indulges actively in reading romance novels, although she isn't delusional enough to believe them.

And she tries her best to watch her weight for she has a bridesmaid dress to fit into.


Her cousin, Kim Bona, on the other hand has a perfect everything - a perfect family with a loving parent, and a brother, a dreamy boyfriend who she's soon going to wed, and...a childhood friend who might be in love with her.


Juyeon tries her best not to envy Bona much, but she secretly wants a life just like her cousin's.

And a chance encounter with Bona's childhood friend, the broody workaholic as she calls him, at the convenience store is just what she needs to turn her life around. 





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This will be a short chaptered story narrated in the protagonist, Juyeon's point of view.

And it obviously features my bias, my bae Zhang Yixing

Hope you guys like it! :)




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eliang_ 0 points #1
Chapter 11: Ugh i hate bona >:/
Chesseltop #2
This story was a great !!
Lovely story. I adore Yixing's character in this. Juyeon is an interesting OC, kind of a contradiction but very relatable. Overall, I enjoyed this story way more than I initially expected :) good job and congrats on getting featured
-oOOo- #4
Chapter 26: I would love to see a bonus chapter about more emails from the assistant editor/proud owner of a cat named Mozart, Byun Baekhyun! It would be awesome if Juyeon actually meets Baekhyun one day!
MarshmallowL6666 #5
Chapter 7: Ok that flower swap thing was literal burn. I love her already :P
Chapter 11: I knew Bona was a just from reading the second chapter. Why you steal other people’s man, gurl? What’s wrong with you?
Shawn1231 #7
Chapter 27: Holy that was adorable I feell so lonely ):
79 streak #8
Chapter 26: I finish this in one day and neglet my work hahaha. This is my first time reading yixing fanfic and wow i can't stop reading this. Yixing really good people he always help other people without ask for pay and his way to treat hiyeon is realistic and i hopw they have happy live. Taehyung annoying why he ask jiyeon to confront bona it seem like he purposed it and bona the . She is full of herself and always thing all of people likez her,chanyeol and jiyeon relationship is not mean to be because when they dated they pretend to be someone else. Iam happy yixing and jiyeon sort thing out and their relationship is cool.
Chapter 18: i saw it in an advertisement
Chapter 17: her rambling is the best part about her