A Shy Confession At The Cash Register.


Hakyeon always loved his job at the local supermarket in his town. He likes all the customers and is very friendly. How ever there was one customer who stole his heart. 


Happy Valentine!! 

I just came back from a convention so I just got the time to write something. I already got the oneshot on paper so give me 5 - 10 minutes and it will be online. (also sorry for any typos that might be made. Im updating this on my phone)

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Chapter 1: Yuuuuuu! So cuuute!
90sLineLover #2
Chapter 1: Seeeeequaaaaalllllll please.
lalalalukana #3
Chapter 1: so lovely, i imagined leo has that hair style in beautiful liar!
Chapter 1: such a cute way to confessss~ awwww~
Chapter 1: awwwww sooo cute.... this to much for my heart *fainted*
Karenkitty1092 #6
Chapter 1: Awwww this was too adorable. Hopefully you can do a sequel.
90sLineLover #7
Chapter 1: Aaawww this is soooo sweet❤